Omni Connect \ Omni Online: So many questions!

First off...
When you install Omni Connect, you have the option to set up a free “Omni Online” account
The key word for me is option. I like that its not forced upon you. Granted i will be setting that up i think its an awesome feature but I still REALLY like the fact that your not forcing it upon your users some of which might have very good reasons for not wanting to do it. way to keep it classy Virtuix.

Second off... (that makes no sense but whatever)
I am REALLY liking what am seeing. I figured there would be some kind of Omni client to configure things but i was not expecting Omni Online. That is a wonderful feature even just from a data redundancy standpoint its outstanding but the social features it brings to the table could be incredible.

Omni Connect:
  • Does this also install the API libraries with it, I would assume yes?
  • Can we set up game profiles so we can custom settings per game without having to mess with them each time?
  • Is the API or Omni Connect service able to tell what game is in use and so switch profiles automatically?
  • Will we be able to extract the fitness data from Omni Connect, even if its just accessing the files that have the data. Not 100% sure what i would do with this data but I have been playing with some ideas in my head if the data is available.
  • Will the fitness data be tracked per game? I think it would be need to how many miles i have run around each game or compare top speeds per game or longest continues run per game. Things like that.
Omni Online:
  • Will we be able to set our profile as private so people cant see things or make it so only friends can see them? I could see some users wanting that feature.
  • Will Omni Online be linked to our account or the physical Omni? Meaning could I go to a friends house(presuming I go one of those one day :P ) and log into Omni online and get my profiles?
I cant remember being this exited, So close to VR!


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    Para envíos a Colombia? Quien me puede dar información?
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    Hola @difecodi. Lo siento, no hay envío a Colombia. Si eso cambia, pueden anunciar aquí:
    Hi difecodi. I'm sorry, there is no shipping to Colombia. If that changes, they may announce here:
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    I envision at first a photo-to-3D face fitting interface to create your avatar then join a MMO social meeting place/lobby. Profiles could contain their avatar or 3D model collections or a doorway to a VR world that represents their interests. I think it would be pretty exciting to have a text or voice lip-sync capability built into the avatar (Reallusion has a great one -Crazy Talk 8). I feel VR Game developers/companies will add a VR connect logo built by specific game engines so that all their specific VR game titles will connect with each other like portals so people can cross seamlessly from one game into another -if they don't I will :) this is my plan and it's what I'm working on. I hope other companies in the future will link game their game titles with each other for their customers. Using Unity there is a "Portals and Dimensions" asset that Unity Developers could use.. there would have to be a default VR bridge/lobby to see the game titles you own (and don't yet have that interest you) to be able to pass through a game portal. I can give the ideas but may not be able to create all the concepts needed. A company would have to create a VR Unity asset "VR Connect bridge/Lobby" (Unity Compatible at first) that the customer could download and have their Steam account linked within to access the games they currently have installed or online WebGL games/sites.

    Our gaming interface/lobby should optionally be VR that you can walk around in..since the birth of the internet I imagined webpages as tunnels, you may drive, walk or fly to etc -static pages or pages that have a still images, gifs and videos as well to me were ok but didn't have enough movement. WebGL can change most of this and be incredibly exciting with VR. This will work best in the beginning with WebG or specifically content that is streamed designed in mind if you're near or if it's visible to the game camera.
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    @xxann5 - If my response here gets deleted by a mod, assume that I said something incorrect. (Info is only accurate as of 4/22/16)
    - The latest version of Omni Connect seems to install everything necessary. If not automatically, it currently has the option to look for updates for all the different pieces of hardware.
    - Per game customization hasn't been implemented yet, but I'm fairly confident it will come once Virtuix actually has more games to test that with reliably. Right now there's only TRAVR that natively supports the Omni. Some features might need to be handled from within the game anyway, so it might not even be something that even SHOULD be handled on the Omni Connect level.
    - Omni Connect doesn't seem to do anything for recognizing currently running games. It's just there to take the info from the hardware and send it to the game. That might come in a future update though once there are enough games supporting the Omni to justify it. Personally I'd rather it not recognize the game and just send raw foot tracking data so the game can handle things as it sees fit.
    - I know from the forums that Virtuix is interested in the idea of a game being able to keep track of the number of steps taken/miles walked, so there's sure to eventually be SOME way of keeping track of this, but not certain if you'll be able to do anything with the overall lifetime steps data.
    - this would be the obvious next step if Omni Connect is designed to recognize what game it's being used on, but no idea what plans are just yet.

    - So far, the profiles don't even seem to be accessible to anyone else just yet.
    - The online profile seems to be attached to the online account itself. I don't have any friends with an Omni I can go over to test it out on, but I would assume I could set up my profile on their Omni Connect, using the "download online account" option. Virtuix has probably already tested this, but we pathfinders should probably test this out with some dummy accounts at some point to verify it's working properly.
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    Cool, thanks @GreyAcumen
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