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I am looking forward to receiving my omni preorder and playing many games on the virtuix omni in the near future. I was thinking how unfun it would actually be when practically nobody else is going to be playing in VR when i decide to play games online let alone with an Omni treadmill. I think that maybe those of us who put in our preorders should organize together and start adding each other on steam so that we can have servers on games where we know we will run into one another or just have private matches. I think its a fantastic idea. These headsets like vive and oculus will be out soon and right after we can probably expect our omni's to show up sometime in the summer or later in the year for most of us. Without a strong community of gamers a lot of the fun will simply be lost. Also we will not be very competitive against people using keyboard and mouse while we are experiencing fatigue... lets be real. I think it is time to get organized. I would love to play Arma III and Ark as well as other game swith my fellow omni gamers. I think we will also figure out how to best acclimate to our new gaming device with one another as companions.


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    Not a bad idea.
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    I shared similar in the past on the forum about making a specific messenger so that Omni users can connect to each other just like initiating a video/audio chat and initially starting in a lobby/default scene if no other game is selected. Furthermore it would be interesting that if Virtuix makes it so that you can represent yourself from your profile's selected/created 3D avatar that you can exclusively use in any of their games. Reallusion has an face photo to avatar creator -iClone 6 Pro (requires 3DXchange pipeline) There are probably other programs out there that will do this inexpensively but it would be great if Virtuix adopted the tech into the member's profile page.
  • You have to be close to realization of the consumer product for things like this to become Viable. But yes, totally necessary. Dedicated servers for certain games are definitely a thing for balance, and I've heard some rumbling about that as well. I'm personally pretty excited to try a few mmo's in first person.
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    If we had a social VR env dedicated to Omni players, what would everyone want to use? Eg, altspacevr, high fidelity. Second life? Any others? What would be ideal is if there was a lobby environment that we could use to organize to play games together, chat about them afterward, etc. I have played laser tag irl, and it's a lot of fun cooling down and talking smack after the game.

    I suspect steam will make something like that, but I haven't seen it yet. Extra points for building an observer deck. Well implemented proximity chat is a must.

  • Well I think its quite possible for us to rent teh servers ourselves and simply put passwords on teh servers. there are servers for rent in games like Arma 3 by certain companies. its not cheap but if every omni play er on the sever paid a 10 bucks a month fee with 20-30 players we easily pay off the fee. If anyone is interested add me on steam so we can be up with one another. Vespaman0
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