I can't wait to ditch my treadmill once my Omni arrives. But getting the same cardio workout will totally depend on the game. And how many first person shooters have non-stop running in them? Here's the list of VorpX compatible games I have so far, in preparation for my Omni...

Fun for pedestrian mode. Not sure how driving mode will feel with running in place to move my car.

Great for long runs across the mountainous tundra. So long as I avoid stopping to interact with anyone.

A lot more running in this game than I probably remember.

These feel like they'd be really great, as they are almost completely non-stop movement.

Even better than CoD. I only wish the gun was decoupled like Half Life VR.

If you're lucky enough to own a Razer Hydra, this game is the most immersive experience I've had in virtual reality by far. With its fully decoupled, 360, 1:1, hand/arm/gun control, and body positioning, even if it's the only thing my STEM controllers turn out to work with, it will have been totally worth the $200.00 kickstarter pledge, just to be able to play Half Life VR with wireless controllers. That's how good it is WITHOUT the Omni. I can't wait to combine it all,

Here are the games I thought would be great for the Omni, but feel too stop and go slow to be a real workout...
FAR CRY 2 & 3



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    Sounds great. In reference to your GTA comments, surely you can program an accelerator into a controller. Otherwise, they can make a pretty sweet Flinstones GTA!
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    LOL "Flinstones GTA". Though i think your right @Tomek about mapping the car controls to the controller.

    Another problem with non-VR games is that when you get in a car or another vehicle the FOV changes, sometimes substantially. FarCry 3 is particularly bad, or so i have heard.

    @lipplog I can not wait to play HL2VR in the Omni and the Vive!! As of right now that is most lickly going to be the first game I play after the games that come with the Omni.
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    As for which games are good cardio workouts I think you could make just about any game a good cardio workout. its all about how you play it. I don't think starting and stopping is an issue. In fact i could see allot of stopping and starting and chaning direction might be even more of a workout than just jogging in a single direction.
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    Just getting up and walking can add years to your life if you're sedentary; at least that's what I've heard.
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    Dying light= Ultra hard mode...probably going to die...
  • You guys are forgetting the best genre of all.... HORROR GAMES!!!! Imagine being chased through a new Silent HIll game? Alien Isolation has more hiding than running but it would still be a fun experience.
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    I adore fitness and especlailly Cardio, so i love this topic :)
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    After a week with my Omni, I've only had time to try a few games. But so far the best non-stop running workout is, believe it or not, the original HALO.

    HALO: Using the Custom Edition modifications, playing from the opening, all the way to the first vehicle is the best workout so far. Not sure what to do once I'm inside the warthog, as the POV switches to 3rd person. Maybe there's a mod to force first person. Anyone know?

    DOOM 3 BFG: The second game I've tried is Doom 3 BFG with the latest Vive mod by /u/Samson. The decoupled head, body, and hands are fantastic and the closest I've seen to Half Life VR. As for cardio, the movement isn't as constant as it is in HALO, and the close quarters make it more of a walk than a run. So I don't work up the same sweat as I do in Halo.
    As for the fear factor, it's not that bad. Not compared to something like Dreadhalls. The difference being that unlike most Horror games made for VR, you're fully armed.

    SKYRIM: I played a bit of Skyrim, hoping that the beautiful open spaces would be idea in the Omni. And based on the tarantula battle I found myself in, it's going to be even better than I hoped. Unfortunately, the suggested resolution is not high enough for my setup, as everything in the distance looks pixilated (note that I'm playing with Mod Organizer and multiple mods to improve it in VR, so it may be fine with the vanilla or SE version). But the biggest hindrance was not being able to find the sheath/unsheath button on my Vive controllers. I blame this on Skyrim's overly complicated layout rather than on VorpX. But once I figure that out, Skyrim will probably be my go to game for cardio.

    In the meantime, I'll keep trying out games. Next up, Bioshock Infinite!
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    I've spent so much time tweaking GTA V with VorpX I haven't spent much time on anything else. I had a friend of mine whom is a marathon runner try the Omni. She recently had a baby, wants to get back in shape, but can't leave the house without the baby so was looking to purchase a treadmill. She is not a gamer by any means, but absolutely fell in love with the Omni. She was so impressed she wants to purchase one on ebay and is willing to pay double the kickstarter value. A big selling point was showing the Google Earth VR mod. I have not yet attempted to set it up on the Omni, but she wants to be able to run down the streets of various cities around the world as her daily routine. If anyone has gotten this working well let me know, otherwise I'll probably dive into it next week and see how feasible it can get.
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