The Curiosity of the Disappearing Pathfinders...

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There's at least 3-4 people that have their Omni and they have all gone MIA. There are likely more.

The first pathfinder (Fred) was last seen in the photo when he got it set-up over a month ago. TheSonicRetard vanished just as he was trying to get it working with games 4 days ago. The guy he delivered it to has said nothing of it on Reddit. The YouTube video posted recently was the best so far but damn.. no editing skills at all and didn't show it well. For something so significant, I don't get how they are all silent. The potential ad revenue of posting a great unboxing and early review on YouTube should be enough of an incentive.

Are they perhaps having issues and Virtuix are telling them to avoid posting as they try to rectify them? Are they so immersed that they just told the world to **** Off? Are they dead from suddenly running two marathons in a day?
OR send me one and I will post everyday or pay you $1,000 per day. :P Seriously, it's not that hard :(


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    I'm guessing they're in another world, and they just haven't come back yet :)
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  • TSR has posted quite a bit already. I think he just wants to do a proper demo before posting again. Fully decoupled GTaVR will be awesome.
  • at the same time.. i wish he wouldnt wait on that for the review. 80% of the games we will be playing, will not be crazy modded like he is tryign to setup, and will give a false impression. I hope he still hope 90% of his review is not about GTAVR
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    @molster I'm not sure, I think 80% of the games will be like GTA or Travr fully decoupled. that's the sweet spot for the Omni. Also, TSR is a mod developer. I think that's what he's personally interested in.

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    I'll be satisfied so long as mods for mainstream games such as Skyrim and Minecraft(Beating a dead horse here) are readily available, preferably in clean executable packs. We may see a resurgence of mod for pay in the coming months: people making money on compatibility mods, and frankly, I'd be the first to pay. I'm not computer programmer or source code expert.
  • I don't think you can sell mods. Donations, maybe.

    It's been done. I think it's a special niche because it's a peripheral enhancement mod.
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    4 days later...

    The model for mods is to use it to gain a following, prototype game play and use it to get acquired /launch a standalone title. Rust, dayz, counter strike, etc.
  • I've tried to mode a GTA game before and it was a lot of trial and error. Since he chose GTA5 I'm guessing he's going through a lot of trial and error as well.
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    TSR hasn't posted anything on reddit in over a week. Definitely not normal. I really hope he is just busy.. but it would be good to know.

    Any other pathfinders out there who have or will soon receive their Omni?
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    Yes, I can confirm I have my Omni! I'm currently downloading some games and will be using it over the weekend. I hope to have videos up by Monday evening. I'll keep you all posted :)
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  • @sutekiB. Finally, someone in our small community got it! Did it just arrived today and what's the first game you're planning on testing it with (besides the included games)?
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    @Sponge101 Actually no, it was a few days ago. Frustratingly I had a trip shortly after that I've just got back from. I didn't want to announce it on here until I was closer to having content I could put out. As for what that will be, I don't want to spoil the surprise. Stay tuned!
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  • Awesome. Can't wait--but will anyways. So far, based on info we have, Minecraft and GTA 5 have been chosen by earlier Omni-owner; all big AAA games. I wonder...
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    @sutekiB Thanks! Please don't disappear like all the others. THough they may not have had a choice lol.
  • @sutekiB Congratulations man, enjoying it yet?
    @blazespinnaker Hah, yeah I knew they had set the bit on the program, but it was definitely a problem with the state of the mod community more so than anything. Well done retrofitting mods for these games will definitely have their place, and the only place for that most of the time will have to be modders, but unlike the usual status of the mod community, we can't afford to have these peripherals done poorly or operate differently on every game. I think we really need some subsidization of the modding community to see actual progress; can you imagine a world with no Halo 1:CE decoupling? Or worse, badly done Unreal Tournament peripheral modification?
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    Another one bites the dust...
    Seriously... WTF? lol
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    I am almost afraid to try the Omni now, might suck me up into another dimension never to be hear from again. :p
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    Lol, guys I'm okay, though I went a whole night without sleep (hey I've been waiting a long time for this, so it's worth being tired the next day). When I went through the portal it took me to another world and I had some amazing adventures ;)

    Will write up my experience and should also have a video up this evening, tomorrow at the latest.
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  • "Portal" huh?... Nah, it couldn't be... Interesting choice if it's true.

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    No, it's not Portal, but that would be fun. Editing the videos now, should have one up in the next few hours.
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  • Yay! :)
    Ah, yes... the power of editing. It can make something trivial into something spectacular. Case in point--most Youtube videos. Use this power well... :D
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    Hey folks. I only set this up last night. But here are some notes of my experience so far...

    I received my Omni last night. I was able to unpack it and put it together in my office on the second floor. I was also able to download all of the supporting software, charge up the pods, and take a stab at running around in the Virtuix shooter.

    Here are some pics. I was only able to try it for about 10 minutes, since it was about 10PM at this point.

    My setup-
    32 GB RAM
    GTX 980 graphics card
    Windows 10 and Windows 8
    Oculus DK2 HMD
    Cabela Top Shot
    15 foot extension cables (awaiting boom to work out cable management.)

    STEM is ordered. Hope to get it someday.

    Some notes:
    * The Omni is much sturdier than I'd anticipated. This was nice to see. You can tell it was designed by an engineer. Everything fits together well, and the instructions are very clear. All parts are labeled clearly, and the mat itself shows pictures of the components, how to lay them out, and in what order. I never had the feeling that I was using the wrong part. Also, all of the required tools were included.
    * Suggestion - Download and install everything before you even start. It will take a little time to get it all downloaded.
    * I tried using the latest Omni Connect, I believe it was 1.3 that was released yesterday, but it didn't seem to recognize my Omni just yet. I switched to 1.13 (I believe it was, from memory since I am at work.) This version worked perfectly. I will try 1.3 again. NOTE- I am running this on Windows 10 right now.
    * Charge up the Pods. One of my pods didn't seem to light up. I held the power button on it for a bit, and made sure it was fully charged. That did the trick. Now they both show up in Omni Connect.
    * I don't have my boom or rack yet, so this limits how much I can do, and how quickly. I would highly recommend you get a boom, AND the rack, or use something similar. You will want your keyboard, mouse and any peripherals within reach. Also it provides a place to rest the HMD etc. (if you are not using the boom).
    * I ran the USB and Power around so it ran in the channel in front of the step up section. This way it can run along the back (right side for mine) of the Omni. You have two options here. Run it on the left or right side.
    * TraVR just fired up and worked. This was a nice thing to see. Many VR applications I have used require some tinkering to work, or work optimally. This just worked. It ran as smooth as glass on my rig.
    * I was able to run and shoot. Changing direction will take some play time, but I can already see that it won't be that difficult to adapt.
    * I never saw the need for strafing, as many FPS fans like to call it, but I do see that we will want to practice stepping to either side in some way. I have seen the Virtuix guys, slide their foot inward or outward to engage the Omni to side step. This should work. That way you dont' have to do a full change of direction just to get around a corner wall, for instance.
    * I am using "Coupled" mode for now. Once I get more acclimated, I will attempt de-coupled mode.

    I hope to try the Omni with some VorpX enabled games, like Skyrim and Fallout this weekend. If you folks have any questions, or suggestions, let me know. I will do my best to answer them.

  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593

    What is the cable running up the side of one of the support bar for? (the one with the power button next to it)
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    @jasonbazar nice pictures of your setup! It's a solid piece of equipment huh?
    @xxann5 I'm guessing it's top secret technology. Maybe sends gluons up into the ring, destabilizing the fabric of space time?

    My video's nearly ready. I've been getting so little sleep lately, playing on the Omni all through the night. I do have both the Boom and the Rack, which helps a lot. I'm using Vireio Perception for legacy games instead of VorpX, as it's free.
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  • @ SutekiB Thanks! Yes it is. Looking forward to your video!
  • :s :'( I want one too! :s :'(
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Here it is guys! What do you think?

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  • What do I think?! That was awesome! It's too bad you can't play multiplayer yet, though. Pathfinder Omnis are said to potentially have cosmetic defects. Are there any problems with your unit? As for recommendation, a third person title like Mass Effect would be interesting; expanding beyond the FPS genre. Nice gun twirl at the end, BTW ;)
  • Have you thought about adding commentary during the gameplay? I think it would really have made the video even better by you acting as a guide for the audience.
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