The Curiosity of the Disappearing Pathfinders...



  • Also, have you considered starting a new thread dedicated to Omni videos you will upload? I can see the title now: "SutekiB's Omni Experience Videos" :D
  • @jasonbazar. Congrats on getting your Omni. Nice PC specs--makes mine look like horse... pudding. As someone who's never wore a HMD or tried the Omni, what's to me most important is immersion. If you could at the end of using the Omni for a period of time try to convey how immersed you felt while in those games that would be great. I know it's hard because how do you explain an abstract idea, right?
  • Sponge - I will definitely look at putting up a video. I agree about the immersion. I am going to put together more detailed thoughts this weekend. I will say, that after trying it again last night, it is already getting easier to maneuver.
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    horse... pudding
    [SHIVERS] I think horse **** sounds more appetizing, lol.
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    @sutekiB Great video, very very well done. I think they really show off the fun/exercise dynamic the Omni is perfect for. You've obviously got rather skilled :D How many steps do you think it was? Per level?

    Also, that looks coupled. Can you do a decoupled video?
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    @blazespinnaker Thanks! I can tell how many steps I took per session using the included software. I have been making a note of it, and I might add that info to future videos. Most are likely to be in coupled mode, as that's how many games are. I'm looking forward to de-coupled becoming more popular, as I expect it will when more people have motion platforms and positionally tracked VR headsets. I have another video coming soon btw, maybe later tonight! I think I'll heed your advice @Sponge101 and make a thread for them.
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  • @sutekiB Thanks.. I definitely look forward to playing Travr in decoupled mode. Now if only my omni would get past customs...
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