Need help from customer support but cant seem to get any.

Having an issue ordering an Omni,Have sent multiple e-mails to no end.Is there an active Customer support with this company?


  • Disregard they responded about the time i sent this.
  • Hope we were able to help out! It can take 1-2 business days to receive a response from our team.
  • They were very helpful, they helped me track the issue down and I was able to order my omni today. Super excited hoping to use it for weight loss as I've been told I need to exercise more due to a medical condition. hope to start a channel about Active VR and the birth of the fit gamer.

  • Glad to hear that everything worked out! After you get your Omni, please share your channel. It'd be great to see some Active VR videos!
  • 2nd quarter can't come fast enough, If Virtuix is able to make that deadline, Seen it slip a few times over the last year or so,lol.
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