Heart rate data to trigger game events -include this into the VO SDK

I may have already posted this last year sometime but I think to have this feature would be essential for realism and health.
I would hope for triggers to be active for specified heart beat durations based on specific heart rates ie; fast, normal and relaxed/calm.

Heart rate based triggers should be able to set the mood for starting or slowing down activity. The technology could be retrieved from blue tooth heart rate monitors or from the concept of heart rate detection through any players webcam -free code has been contributed here https://github.com/thearn/webcam-pulse-detector

Another example for webcam heart rate capture https://github.com/pi-null-mezon/QPULSECAPTURE

An article to give you an idea how a webcam can track heart rates http://gizmodo.com/5994798/your-web-cam-can-see-your-heart-rate-which-isnt-creepy-at-all


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