Where do you keep your OMNI?

Hi all! I'd like to buy Omni Package, but I have no space in my room to keep it assembled all the time. So, please advise: where is a best place to store Omni? Can I keep it in parts when unused and assemble it each time for a game?
Please, share your experience)


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    Hi @Dazzelmary, welcome to the forum! I keep mine assembled and just lower the ring to its lowest setting if I want it to have a lower profile, but you can remove the ring and arms from the 'towers' connected to the base. These can then be stored anywhere you have space for them. They're pretty simple to remove - just flip open two pairs of latches, twist two safety releases, and lift up. Hope that helps!
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  • Hi, @sutekiB ! Thanks for your reply) Do you mean these ones (outlined in the picture) by the 'towers'? Could you please share the height of the platform with the towers?
    I'm wondering if it's possible to keep Omni under the bed (f.e.), but I'm not sure about moving it all the time - as I've understood it's 72 kg in weight. Pretty heavy to move(
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    No problem @Dazzlemary. Yep, those are the Towers; they're about 18" tall.
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