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So I'm contemplating on canceling my Rift order and getting the Vive instead. I feel like they are the same but Vive adds a new layer by being able to be used in a room without omni which opens it up for a new slew of games (in addition to all stationarythat Rift can play). Also, there was a previous article that showcased decoupled gameplay. Can Rift also achieve this with the omni?


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    Oculus is supposed to also be coming out with Oculus Touch; handheld controls similar to the Vive's, and rather than abandoning everything for Vive, I'd rather push developers to add Omni support to existing vive games for moving around in it. I don't have any rooms large enough for the Vive to work even if I did get it, so I'd still need the Omni to supplement Vive games.
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    I understand your dilemma. I personally opted for a Vive as the experiences unique to Vive (for the moment at least) look much more up my street than Oculus' unique titles - additionally I am lucky enough to have enough space to utilise the Vive. I agree about pushing for Omni integration in all relevant games, but feel room-scale will also be compelling in it's own right. Great as the Omni is, it will not match the accuracy nor freedom of movement offered by room-scale - but then room-scale will never match the Omni's limitless roaming capability.

    Further an issue can be picking objects off the ground, where in room-scale you can crouch you cannot in the Omni. Now this is easily solvable by dedicating a button to 'amplifying' your arm length (this was done in Sixense's Tuscany demo for Razer Hydra and felt great) however this requires implementation by the developer in addition to adding joystick / WASD (Omni) enabled movement.

    In other words it's not simple, but it shouldn't be overly difficult either.
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    Hm, that wasn't quite my point. I understand the differences between the Omni+Rift or Omni+Vive as opposed to out-of-box vive. I plan on keeping my omni no matter what because I want to be able to run through FPS games like Skyrim, etc which isn't really feasible in OOB Vive. My question revolves on if the Rift (without or with Touch) can achieve the decoupled movement that Vive with Omni can? EDIT: sutekiB answered that you indeed can achieve this with the Rift

    I'm not sure how I feel about "retrofitting" Vive functionality in a Omni+Rift combination. Vive is complete freedom of movement (within a radius) where as the omni is hindered by being strapped into a device that doesn't incorporate jump/crouch like NobleBrutus said. I don't think certain Vive experiences are really transferrable. Another thing to note is that the Oculus Touch have a radius of 5m whereas the Vive controllers have a radius of 15m. Sidenote: This is completely talking from without experience of physically trying Vive.
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    @NobleBrutus I'm still waiting for my Vive so I can't confirm this yet, but I'm fairly certain I'll be able to pick up virtual objects from the floor while on the Omni - no need for an 'extender button'.
    @wickedManatee You can jump on the Omni, if you remove the support locks.
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    @sutekiB I'm surprised, it doesn't look like the Omni would allow for reaching that low.
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    With the support locks removed and when all the way forward in the ring, you can bend down quite far. Before I had the Rack I would sometimes rest the Cabela against the Omni and reach down for it after I got in. Couple this with there being some leeway most likely with how close your hand must be to the virtual object before you can grab it, and the fact that the Vive doesn't know where the ground is (i.e., you should be able to set it to be a little higher than it really is, bringing the virtual floor a bit closer to you), I don't imagine people getting stuck in room-scale games.
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