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Hi everyone, this is just a small snapshot of what I'm working on.. this game/simulation is not optimized and there are some noticeable bugs easy to fix. This world although was made with Voxels it's not planned to be a sandbox game, not at this time anyway. My aim is to make the world look convincingly real looking as possible.. I'm a solo artist also working a low income job non related to the game industry investing in and learning technology one paycheck at a time -let me know what you think about this, I might do a kick starter if I can get around a few hurdles. Video Link
This project is being developed specifically for using the Virtuix Omni.

The cool thing about the suspension bridge is that I've made it so wind effects it, the player can jump on it making it move/ripple or push on the ropes and make it rock just as you would expect in real life.


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    This river is located directly under the bridge. There is miles of terrain to explore and first of its kind - metaphysical concept/area if one chooses to take that path.

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    I don't want to show too much at this time, things are constantly evolving, improving.
    In this VR world things happen more by nature but isn't set in stone. I'm working on a way to have events triggered from heart rate devices or by the amount of foot steps -something the VO SDK might want to incorporate (amount of foot steps triggering events to either start or stop)
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    That looks beautiful. The Omni counts calories burned etcetra so triggering events to 'reward' a player for every so many calories burned or steps taken is a good idea. This looks like the kind of game I might go for a run in just to enjoy the scenery and explore.
  • Love it! Looks like it will be fun to explore for the first time on the omni but without enemies I would get bored and switch to skyrim or something after around 30 minutes of exploring or so.
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    Today I planned out different game modes so it's like a few games built into one -Comical(can't give away the name of the mode), Metaphysical(tapping into your own mind body and other awareness/insights) and a couple others I haven't thought out well enough to explain. I don't think there will be any killing of any kind BUT it will be funny, you have to be on your toes, there will be challenges/quests -I'm working on a kick starter video and it will show a glimpse of what's to come. If you like the dialogue of the game "Portal"1&2 but want more action this will definitely be for you.
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    If it's a comedy game it'll be fun too, I was just meaning that if there's nothing to do but explore I could see me getting bored but I love a good puzzle and portal was an amazing game. Put a link to the kickstarter when you get it posted and I'll probably back it.
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    Exploring/running with a friend or more as a social concept while getting exercise seeing the sights and sounds used to be the only/main focus but I have many things I'd like/need to implement that would be far more beneficial,/meaningful and have something for everyone -or almost everyone.
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    Looks really good. Keep up the good work!
  • Fantastic! Can't wait to see more! I really like the idea of triggering events with step count. We will be offering a Unity SDK soon and an Unreal SDK to follow shortly after. If you haven't done so yet, you should join our developers network: http://www.virtuix.com/resource-center/
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    KellCam, can you please contact the guys at White Lotus Interactive and offer them the Unreal SDK as soon as it's available? They're far advanced on Xing: The Land Beyond, and it would be a great pair with native Omni support.

    In my humble opinion, the best way to go would be to contact developers directly, offering a really easy way to add Omni support. So easy that they would integrate it just for the hell of it. I would imagine that your SDK could be deeply tied with the PlayerController Class in such a way that with just adding the plug in and by adding an option in their game, Omni movement could be activated. Same with Unity. Is this what you're hoping to achieve with your SDK?
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    @ KellCam_Virtuix thanks for the Kudos! and considering to add step based triggers. I've added myself to the email list for the developer's network but is there more? the developer's forum takes us here -am I missing something ? Also if there is a resource area it would be helpful to include good VR guidelines for realism such as the differences between norma/bump mapped and Tessellation for real bumpy surfaces. I recently discovered that there is non GPU Tessellation so this might be extremely important for WebGL builds until it can be made to work with Direct X.
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