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I pre-orderd the virtuix omni. I selected shoe size 12. But I am not really sure If I selected the right shoe size. My size in europe is 43 what shoe size do I need to select ? And can it be changed in my order ?


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    According to this shoe size chart, you seem to have made the right choice, but Virtuix has stated, if I remember correctly, that the shoes run large.

    US Sizes Euro Sizes
    10.5 41
    11 41-42
    11.5 42
    12 42-43

    Edit: Sorry, the template of the comments section doesn't want to cooperate, so the size chart looks rough.
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    I think I need 10
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    @Csnorlax - Just as a note to help people decide on sizes. I'm normally something like a shoe size US mens 10.5 for most of my shoes, (it does vary from company to company, and how wide/tall the shoe is) and I was actually going to get my shoe size brought up to an 11, but the rep I talked to convinced me to drop down to the Omni size 10s. The size 10s that I got fit quite comfortably, and I they could even stand to fit a bit more snugly, so I'm definitely glad that I went smaller instead of going up the size.
    If 43 is the upper end of 12 - 12.5, then you're probably safe with the size 12s. I wouldn't go any lower than 11s.
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