Head Mounted Leap Motion Support?

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I originally thought the leap motion was a mere novelty, until they had the bright idea of adding the tracking support to the head itself Now the possibilities are suddenly a lot more open.

Now look at the price of the leap motion controller, now look at the cost of a Vive setup, now back at the leap motion controller. $80... going up against $800.

so yeah, how about it? Theoretically, you could use the hand tracking even while holding a real controller in order to have some button inputs, but it could be a basic wii-remote or a PS Move controller or even the steam controller (anything with an accelerometer, really)


  • edmgedmg Posts: 57
    I bought one in a sale when Flyinside added support for using your hands in the Microsoft Flight Simulator virtual cockpit in VR. Still waiting for a headset to attach it to!
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    @edmg - does that work with the Microsoft flight simulator X on steam? If so, I may order that leap motion kit even if nothing else will support it.
  • edmgedmg Posts: 57
    Apparently so. Actually, I think it may only support the Steam version these days?

    Here's one of the demo videos:
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
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    @edmg - welp, I've already sent my order. $80 is a really nice price point when the other current option is flipping 10x that price. I've got the DK2 kit, so I'll let you know how well it works once I get it in and set up.
    (oh snap, I apparently just made it in before the April 13th shipping date, which probably means I just barely made that sale that saved me $20, hope I don't actually have to wait until may to get it though)
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    Leap Motion now adds Vive Support! (((News Letter Link))) It's all coming together nicely.. You should be able to see and use your hands if you decided to use one or 0 controllers.
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    I think that's super great. If people can switch back and forth between controllers and bare hands seamlessly, that could really bring some incredible levels of immersion to VR.
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