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Hi am looking to start a gaming cafe and I was wondering how much it would be to get 5 of these packages and if you do the guns to go with them


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    edited April 2016
    @wildchild I don't believe Virtuix is offering bulk order price discounts at the moment, and additionally at the moment these devices won't see consumer release until Q3 of this year, so unfortunately you'll have to wait. In regards to the guns, most people are currently using Cabellas Top Shot Elite Rifles, however these are not Virtuix' intellectual or distributive property. More importantly, they are not the motion controllers associated with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift products, so ultimately most people will trend away from them as the motion controllers become available for the Rift(they are already available with the Vive).

    If you order today, you likely won't see your products until the later end of Q4 based on the current production estimates, but your gaming cafe sounds like a great idea for the short term considering the inaccessibility of these products for the average consumer! I hope this helps, best of luck!
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