Does anyone know what's the hold up know??'i pre-ordered/ prepaid July of last year, so a year as of



  • JoeJoe Posts: 192
    Jennifer, I think your best bet is to email [email protected] The boards are no longer monitored. Essentially you have to bug the support crew. And then it'll probably be 3-6 weeks. And then you'll realize that all of the things they promised they reneged on, and you'll likely find yourself in support hell like the rest of us. We're hacking together whatever we can to get it to work with modern games, and hopefully you have a Vive and not a Rift or you'll find yourself having to track firmware changes to make sure the one game that rift supports doesn't get hosed.

    If you're a dev though, you're in great shape! You can easily use the SDK in unity. :)
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