The Promises, The Waiting and... Still Nothing!!!

This is getting ridiculous, it's been a lot, a lot of time since we all paid for our Omni, and we keep getting false promises. My friend, who is a backer too, is making a youtube video about this to make people aware.

It feels like... we are being duped.


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    Your right! This is an atrocity! What will become of the children! Good thinking with the Youtube video! O! O! O! I know, you should start an online petition as well those always work!

    Come on, settle down. I mean "duped"? really? If this was a scam to dupe everyone they would have folded the company and run away with the money long ago. They would not be putting out updates on a monthly bases, sometimes more, about there progress that include many images, or YouTube videos or go on national television about funding.

    Has it been delayed a LONG ASS time? Yup. Do I, and everyone else, want our Omni's? Yup. Is there anything we can do about it? Nope. All we can do is wait and hope Jan the Virtuix teem create an awsome product, which to me it looks like they are doing.

    Well if you orders it through there website you can request a refund if you really want to and from what I have seen they give it to you with little hassle it just takes some time. If you backed the Kickstarter than you don't have a right to complain as with kickstarter your backing the company and not buying a product. You have no guarantees you will ever see what you backed and virtually no legal recourse if you don't. Just think, The Virtuix Omni could have gone the way the Cybereth Visualizer or worse the Sixsense STEM.

    To be honest I find it odd people would request a refund. If you pre-orderd it then its fairly obvious you wanted it to begin with and canceling your pre-order is not going get it to you any faster, it will have the opposite affect actually.

    Personally I am happy the Omni is something that's even going to exist. I am still shocked that any of this VR crap is being mass produced at a relatively affordable consumer level. I mean how exiting is this!!!! You should be ecstatic that something like the Omni is right around the corner and you will be getting one!
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    "We will provide a more detailed production plan in our next update at the end of this month." -- Latest Kickstarter update

    Let's wait a few more days o:)
  • xxann5 relax, you have to read and understand what is being expressed. First of all, I wrote that "it FEELS like we are being duped" because, by the weight of evidence, Virtuix has been promising specific dates for delivery and it has not come through with those dates, on the contrary, time for delivery has been extended for more than 3 years.

    There is a big difference writing my personal, subjective feelings, and the actual process of reality regarding the Omni's delivery. I get that you think "there is nothing we can do" but that is not true, because we can keep asking, researching, calling, complaining or request a refund and buy other alternatives to the Omni, and all those options are there for a reason, and this forum gives way for us, as the consumer, to have that catharsis so the waiting is more bearable.

    Now, my friend (not me), is making an análisis of this situation via youtube because is important to get the word out, so it can cause a better response, not only from Virtuix, but for any other startup company, and specially, the consumer itself. It's the same principle used by the review system in which the consumer finds the point of view, based on experience with the product, of the performance of the product, company or service.
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    @fenix777tj Hi Fenix, I understand how easy it would be to view the delays that way, but if you could see what was going on behind the scenes, you wouldn't have any doubts. I am at their office now, helping to do some game testing, and the mood is extremely positive. Everyone is looking forward to the roll-out. No one is being duped. Millions of dollars have been invested, and they are going to ramp up production (I know some people don't like that term, but it's pretty descriptive) throughout the remainder of the year. The design is complete and they are producing units, but they don't want to produce too many too soon, out of an abundance of caution. There has been constant stress testing on the Omni, really since the first prototype, so you might wonder why that's necessary, but what I've learned is that hardware is no joke, and every time something is redesigned, even slightly, it can cause secondary problems or at the very least it requires another round of stress testing. That results in unpredictable, unforeseeable delays. When you make something completely new, you are in uncharted territory and you don't know how long that journey is going to take. You can guess, but you'll probably be wrong, especially if you're making something as complex as this. Virtuix have guessed in the past, and put out an optimistic timeline that would have been right had no new features been added and no problems found. So now they're inspecting and testing the new units as thoroughly as if they were cars. They're not under pressure to ship something that isn't ready, so they're making absolutely sure that it is. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you should be reassured by the delays, and not worried! :)
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    This kind of frustration seems sort of par for the course for something this innovative and so highly anticipated. I'm glad Virtuix is in it for the long run though and isn't rushing the Omni out. They are focusing on building a stable company that is going to stand by its products. The wait is just going to make the first experiences all the greater. I already enjoy running under the sun outside; combining my love of computer games and graphics with my love of a good run is going to be spectacular. All that being said, I do hope the wait will be coming to an end soon.
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    I feel you OP. It has been a long old time of it and I for one cant wait to see my order shipped email arrive in my inbox. It's beginning to feel like Im being tested by the VR Gods to see if Im really ready for this beautiful piece of innovation and craftsmanship. However we are so close now I can taste it. I agree with sutekiB that I find it reassuring that they are making the effort to make sure its properly stress tested and troubleshooted to the fullest so that we get the best possible product in the end. Its a bit like ordering food in a restaurant and it arrives 5 minutes later...that cant be good for the quality. Id rather they take the time to make it from scratch and make sure its cooked properly.

    sutekiB...are you able to divulge any insights about what you were testing? :)

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    Well hardware-wise, I have been testing a scheduled but just recently added feature on the Omni that hasn't been shown yet (don't get too excited about that, it doesn't affect your in-game experience). Software-wise I'm focusing on legacy games. There's one really important legacy game that's had an intermittent glitch (nothing to do with the Omni), that I managed to figure out yesterday. I do get to test some new levels the dev team have been working on, and those are looking really good. They've learned a lot about what works best in a VR FPS. Sorry if that's a bit vague!
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  • No that's great thanks. I didnt expect details at all to be fair.

    Curious to know what theyve learned about what works in vr fps tho! :)
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