VR Arcade - Commerical VR Usage

Dear All,
I thought I would pop in and say hello - now that Virtuix Omni has announced their operation of a commercial version of the system, and the growing interest in "VR Arcade" usage that I would stop by.
For those of you that may not know me, I specialize in the commercial Digital Out-fo-Home Entertainment (DOE) sector, that includes the amusement and attraction usage of VR and immersive technologies.
I use to have a column on Road To VR, and have just started a new one on VRFocus - along with my own consultancy (KWP), and news forum The Stinger Report.
I thought I would check in and offer any advice or directions regarding those wanting to know more about this exciting aspect of the commercial VR community.
All the best,
Kevin Williams ([email protected])
www dna-association com
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