Omni - THANK YOU!!!........NOT!!!!

So I'm going into commercial business with the Omni's. I finally put my order in today. Now apparently they will not allow me to have commercial Omni's because ....
"Since our last e-mail exchange, we have put a temporary pause on signing more commercial users. This will allow us to pilot our commercial program, fine-tune our agreement, and finalize game content packages that can be used in a commercial setting.

We have saved your contact information and will reach out to you when we are ready to offer our commercial package and agreement. I apologize for this, but it should only be a couple of months."

Thanks Omni for putting my business in jeopardy!!!


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    I'm sorry to hear this @solarVR. In case people weren't aware, since commercial arcades will likely form an important part of VR's future, Virtuix conducted a commercial study (similar to the Pathfinder program) at a local mall -

    From that, Virtuix were able to put together a beta commercial program that has involved a small number of local operators. Still, Virtuix's priority at the moment clearly must be to fulfill the rewards of backers and early pre-order customers, which may be part of the reason why the commercial program is capped so low at the moment. It may also be that they are updating their best-practice guides or content packages based on recent developments as described in the email you received. While I understand how frustrating this must be for you, there are bound to be some hurdles to overcome in the early stages of this side of Virtuix's operations. I expect it's in everyone's interests that they do not over-reach, and make sure that they are giving everyone the support they deserve. Not only is that the fair thing to do, in the long run it should make for a better experience for everyone.

    As a community manager, I want to apologize for any inconvenience this delay is causing you, and thank you for your patience and commitment to becoming a pioneer of VR.
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  • I understand what you are saying. Then Omni should be taking down the 'Commercial Licence' tab or at least inform the person what is happening under that heading before they even try to get commercial licence. Less information in bad on a new company. None the less I will be waiting for my 2 Omni's. So far of all kickstarters Omni has done a good job in improving.
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    @solarVR - that's a good suggestion about the commercial page, thank you - I'll pass that on.
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  • Thank you!
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    Thank you Omni......Not!!!! Again I have been screwed by this company. Transparency is lousy. My pre-order payment was sent back to my credit card today. This is one company I have very little faith in now. Might look into KAT Walk product?
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    Hi @solarVR I did pass on your message about the commercial page. I believe it's going to stay up as Virtuix still wants to hear from potential commercial partners, as license issuing will continue in phases. I'm not sure what happened regarding your payment - did you request a refund or was it automatically issued to you?
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    I am not business man however perhaps it was not the best idea to start a business based on a product that has not been released yet. Just a thought.
  • Well, at least its not a wise idea to begin trying to invest money without having first contacted the supplier of the product to discuss terms of purchase for a large batch. I'm sure that the staff would have at least gotten back to you with some information. This guy is also giving some pretty mixed signals, so god speed to any business intending on using the Omni, but I feel that if you don't conduct your business with the corporation itself at this early stage, you're really shooting yourself in the foot.
  • No I did not request a refund. I did get an email so it is being looked into. Still very much interested in commercial licencing when they will allow me to do it.
  • To be honest, I am a bit skeptical as well... I contacted them for commercial use and was sent the agreement. Five days later I was told they were no longer signing up partners because they will be revising their agreement. However on 8/31 a newsletter was sent out asking anyone interested in being a partner to follow the link for more info. This is very confusing for many and seems very suspect in a sense. My company is eager to become a partner and purchasing many units, but it seems like I am now being ignored even while attempting to follow up with Virtuix. I honestly have never heard of an agreement that is going to take months to revise or restructure.
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    Contacted them like 2 years ago, about it they said they're save my info and keep me informed they didn't. When I saw the commercial tab go off I got in touch a second time and got the same run around bullshit you did.

    For those of you not in the commercial entertainment business. It's an extremely volital business field where you have to try to constantly grasp at any new opportunity that you can grab on to. We have to be on that edge that discovers and proves if something is fun or not or will work or not because if your not there first your competition will be. You get dead ends or trends that come and go
  • Hi @Rev_Zareh
    Our commercial agreement is nearly ready. We will begin reaching out soon (possibly this week) to those who have contacted us via our commercial form: I apologize it's taken so long to reach this point. Through the commercial pilot program we ran, we received important feedback that we are implementing into the updated commercial license.
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