What the hell? my pre-order was canceled by Omni and now the buy button is gone?

MooCowGalMooCowGal Posts: 3
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please contact me with some measure of immediacy at ******* ask for ***** i need my order re placed

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  • Xp i Yay I was able to re pay for my failed order, its payed uppies now :3 I am MooCowGal btw just to be clear, had to have my account fixed to get back in ^^
  • Hello @ElderScrollsCow, Looks like there was a payment error on the order. It's been resolved and your order is in our system. Thanks!
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Awww that's a shame @ElderScrollsCow MooCowGal really rolls off the tong rather nicely.

    Also, Welcome! congrats on your Omni perches!
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