i need your help with preodering Omni Virtuix platform Package

Hello would any body know how to pre-order the Virtuix platform package, it dose not have a add to cart button. ? I would like to Pre-order, but it looks like you can only order accessory. did Virtuix stop the order of the platform package? I need your help. Virtuix is not responding to e-mails.

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    Hopefully I get to this before you get bombarded with the various troubles we're currently in the middle of.
    Virtuix has recently concluded that they will not be able to fulfill international orders in the foreseeable future, and so they have closed pre-ordering for everywhere while they deal with the backlash that comes with this type of announcement. If you are ordering from the USA, pre-orders will probably become available soon, but there is still a large backlog of other pre-orders to deal with.
    If Virtuix hasn't responded to your email, it's likely because they have been completely swamped with complaints from all the international customers who are being given refunds.


  • Thank you very much, I do live in U.S.A. on the west cost Calif. this was very helpful.
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    According to Virtuix, they have no plans to sell to consumers, only to businesses/arcades - so if you're commercial, you're good. If you're not commercial, and not a kickstarter backer, then you're out of luck.
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    I very sorry to hear this news, and I know that one day Virtuix, will find a way to expand the Omni to the whole world. The company is small but I shore they will find away to grow in the future, and fix this problem, it"s a matter of time. But when they are ready to start pre-order again here in U.S. the customers here in the U.S. as myself will foreshore help archive this future task to continue with Virtuix to expand, by ordering the Omni. So that the growth of their company may be archive as they first seen it. Ok, the U.S. can do this, but by continuing Pre-ordering, This will open the door internationally to keep the company growing. International world of game play, we hear you, and shell keep this going as you first seen the vision for the Omni, so lets move foreword and make this happen.
  • @Slopey Well, Commercial, Kickstarter, or US pre-order.
  • SlopeySlopey Posts: 24
    Pre-orders had closed by the time he posted.
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