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  • Sorry sutekiB, but your statement is flawed, if money can solve all problems, then resources can be bought and placed worldwide. It doesn't cost that much to set up a team in a few centralised countries to deal with logistics of Return to Base - Repair and Return To User -which Virtuix seem to be VERY concerned with atm, (since they are inspecting/testing ALL shipped units, and that they have pulled ALL international orders). I was worried about this issue too, so I asked for a refund. Looks like it is being honoured. -I'm in the UK.
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    :D it was told by vituix that shipping would not be a problem (while expensive).
    the main excuse was that support would be impossible.
    by reading the user manual and installation, it appears the only thing that could need support are the little trackers (here shipment is not a concern) and the asembly of the omni does not appear more complex than an IKEA furniture.
    Do what you want but stop taking us for naive or stupid.
    if you want really help, go in your warehouse, stick my adress on an omni palette and call DHL to pick it up. It is as simple as that.
    not all your customers are teenagers. :D
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    Hi @giroudf, there are more electronics in the Omni than just the Pods, so it is possible support would be required for more than these.
    Community Manager at Virtuix
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    Could we make a agreement, that i will never need any support.
    If you really want I would accept the rack WITHOUT electronics !!!! also !!!!!!

    best regards

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    no , they do not even want to send my pre-order to my US adress. (and they did not answer to several request about that).
    it just to say they are trying to unload a maximum of people out of the boat.
    They found a nice reason impacting a maximum of people.
    I just wonder what they will invent then to get rid of the US ones.
    (announcing delivery for Q3 2019)
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    @sutekiB Huh, honestly Ive never had someone tell me they have had simulator sickness using the Vive and Ive demoed it at a few events and had my bro's gf use it who gets sick when trying to play/watch fast paced fps games i.e. Team Fortress or Overwatch. Now Ive never tried a Rift so that might be different but honestly I have an iron stomach. I see the Omni as more of a luxury as I feel the problem of VR sickness has been a bit blown out of proportion. Well and a solution to the movement problem as teleportation is immerson breaking and poorly implemented touch pad movement can make one sick if they are weak to it.
  • @FR3D - No, actually, you CAN'T make that agreement. Literally.
    Regardless of what contracts you sign, as an international consumer, you have extra consumer protection laws that are enforced on a federal level and supersede both your wishes, and any contract Virtuix could write up for you.
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    announcing delivery for Q3 / 2019 - really ? it is better than nothing - I'm backer 28 and I was waiting 3.5 years - if I wait additional 3 Years it will be a pretty present to my grandchilds ...
    so another reason not to take the refund, because the second generation of omnis will be better than the ;-))
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    Lol, I'm so glad I didn't invest in this company. I was about to put $50,000 on the line, but decided against it when reading all the complaints about people not receiving their product. Now that you've switched to a commercial license I'm extremely happy I didn't put my money on this venture.

    First off, I haven't seen an arcade in years. I don't know if there are areas of the world where they still thrive, but here every arcade that has tried has went under. You can go to a movie theatre still and sometimes they have 9 or 10 arcade machines that are like 15 years old. Nobody goes to arcades anymore, you guys are absolutely foolish going this route. I could see a fair or traveling road show picking up half a dozen to a dozen of these... but that's not a market. And you worry about not getting developer support??? Well say goodbye to ever gaining any kind of support with this sort of direction.

    Wow, that would have been the quickest $50,000 I ever lost, glad I thought twice. Should have sent a free Omni to Bethesda game studios. You don't need 20 crappy games to sell this product. You need 1 triple-A game. If this thing was packaged with Fallout 4 VR, it would have sold like hot-cakes. Instead you end up with people like me who hesitated, hesitated, hesitated, waiting to make sure there was developer support and skus were shipping, then never got one because your company turned into vaporware. Good bye Virtuix. Swing and miss!
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