I very sorry to hear this News

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I very sorry to hear this news, Virtuix, seem to have great people on their team working and willing to find ways to expand their company to the whole world. This company is small now, I'm shore they will find away to grow in the future for the international community to fix this problems, it"s a matter of time. But when they are ready to start pre-order again here in U.S. the customers like minded as myself will foreshore help to archive this future task to continue with Virtuix to expand the orders for the Omni, so that the growth of their company may be archive with their vision as they first seen it.

Virtuix, I feel that the U.S customer base can do this by continuing Pre-ordering. This will open the door internationally to keep your company profit growing so that you may one day have the funds to open settle lights bases elsewhere in the world. I say to the International world of game play and other matters for the Omni, we hear you! and shell keep this going not just for Virtuix only, but for you, the international customers as you first seen this vision yourself as we do here in the U.S. for the success of the Omni, to be sold through out the world for all people may enjoy this great product of virtual reality. Virtuix knows that this product will change the world as you know it to be true, because of your help. I say thank you for all the future gamers and me, so lets continue to move foreword and make this happen for the future of man kind.
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