Headset recommendations anyone?

My family finally has a gaming computer all ready to go, and it looks like the shipping of omnis is getting in gear at last so now the dilemma. Which headset to use?

I have glasses and am VERY nearsighted so I'm somewhat nervous about the oculus rift.

The HTC vive looks great but expensive, and I'm seeing posts about compatibility issues between Vive games and the Omni. From what I can tell Vive already tries to deal with the "you can't walk" problem by having sensors monitor your location within the room?

I'm a tad nervous about the idea of Gear VR, or Google Cardboard, probably because I'm told they're both low end devices. Aaaand apparently there is no support for Omni if you go the Playstation route.

Suggestions? Anyone with glasses on their face have any experiences with them so far?


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    I'm own a Rift, but I have tried out the Vive at a VR arcade once.
    The Vive had a much wider rectangular field of view which was a plus, but I felt as if it was going to fall off of my face half of the time. It didn't of course, but I wasn't expecting the weight and the center of gravity to be so far forward. Again I only used the Vive for about two attractions and wore it for a total of 14 minutes (2 X 7-minute stints). What I noticed probably disappears as you get used to it.
    The Rift has a slightly narrower, more rounded field of view and feels so light I hardly notice it (I do sometimes notice the weight of the cable though when I play).
    To be honest, once you're in VR, and pretty much until the novelty wears off (which may be never :wink: ), the differences in the size of the field of view will not be noticeable.

    Although the Rift used to be cheaper than the Vive, I believe that the Rift and Touch together are pretty much the same, or almost the same, as the Vive and wands. I haven't checked the latest prices though.
    I haven't heard of Vive-incompatible games (apart from the Oculus exclusive titles), but if I recall, Google EarthVR is currently Vive only.
    Most games are compatible with either headset, but several games from Oculus Home are Rift only, and SteamVR was updated recently to include compatibility for the Oculus Touch controllers.
    When you have access to Steam, go to the store and search for VR in the advanced options. You'll get an idea of what sort of games are compatible with each system.

    When I held the Vive wands, I basically felt I was holding two sticks with some buttons, but the Oculus Touch controllers feel more natural when I hold them (probably because of their ergonomic design).
    One thing I will admit the Vive has over the Rift and Touch are the light house sensors; they are intended to be positioned on opposite sides of a room so your wands and headset can be viewed from all angles. You get two sensors with Rift and Touch, but they are placed about (at least?) 1.2 m apart from the front and it is possible to lose track of a controller briefly (a fraction of a second) if you turn around.

    I personally think the Rift and the Touch controllers look better, but that's probably because I'm biased :grin: .

    If you're new to VR, then regardless of which system you use, you'll have a blast when you're there.

    Edit: All VR games provide for some way to move around within a game. The current three most common methods seem to be "stepping" (movement is in increments), "teleporting" (you indicate a position and direction you want to go to and then press a button), and "normal movement" (you move as if you were in an FPS but in VR).
    I would assume that the Omni SDK provides for some sort of "override" so your movements in the Omni mimic or replace the movement option that is normally available.
    There shouldn't be any compatibility problems with the Omni and VR headset.
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    I have both, and if you wear glasses, the Vive is easily the best choice. It's difficult, if not impossible to get a Rift on in comfort with glasses, especially if they're not very thin frames. I'm only -1.25 in both eyes, so I can get away without glasses, or wear daily contacts if I want to do VR specifically. I have pretty thin Oakley glasses (Oakley Toast), and I can't wear them comfortably in the Rift at all. From running VR on exhibition booths for my company, the Vive is the only real option for glasses wearers - with 200-300 people on the booth each day, the vast majority of delegates who had glasses on, couldn't get the Rift on, and used the Vive instead.

    If you're happy to go the contacts route, then the Rift becomes a serious contender - for my money it's better all round, has built in headphones (which is a MAJOR boon), less cables/fuss to setup and use, and the new touch controllers are simply excellent (way better than the Vive wands).. (My Vive is currently unplugged as I'm playing Space Pirate Trainer with the Touch now, which is better than the Vive). Cost isn't really a factor as Rift + Touch = Vive anyway.

    That being said - if you ignore the Omni (I've been refunded as I'm UK, but now it's commercial only, it's irrelevant for VR imho), if you want room scale, Vive is still the one to go for. You can do it with the Rift to an extent, but it's not quite as good and you'll need additional sensors which aren't available yet (plus yet another USB port used up). The Vive lighthouses are a bit of a pest, and you need at LEAST 2x2m play area, but if you have that, and get a couple of camera tripods for the lighthouses, you're good to go. (You'd have the same problem for room scale rift, with the added inconvenience of having to run a 5m USB cable out to the sensor anyway).

    Visuals wise, the Rift is slightly better, but not enough to warrant getting it rather than the Vive due to comfort issues. With a lower spec GFX card (like a 960 or similar), the Rift is better thanks to Async Timewarp, but you really really want to be getting up to 1080 card territory for either headset as the experience is an order of magnitude smoother, and smoother is *everything*.

    In summary, as you wear glasses, go for the Vive (as that's guaranteed to fit).. That is unless you're happy wearing contact lenses for VR (or wear them anyway), in which case I'd go for the Rift, unless you're really keen for roomscale, in which case go for the Vive :)
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    Tried both, actually just tried the Rift with Touch controllers the other day, facebook as a booth set up in Brient Park (NY). Even with Touch I am still glad I went with the Vive. Mainly because of the tracking. The Lighthouse tracking is far superior. Constellation tracking is just as accurate but its not nearly as versatile. The lighthouse base stations are dumb, meaning that they only need power, they don't have to connect to your PC. Since you are getting a Omni (Good choice by the way) you will require 360 degree tracking which according to Oculus is still experimental. I actually did not get a chance to try this as they only had the front facing setup for the demo.

    I am not saying the Rift is not a good headset, its even a bit better than the Vive is some cases, its a bit lighter and a bit more comfortable than the Vive, though I would not say the Vive is uncomfortable to where. The Touch controllers are also a bit more ergonomic than that Vive controllers but in my opinion a there a bit to small. I am also a big fan of Valve's trackpad.

    The optics and screen quality of the two headsets are about the same. There slightly different from one another and most would say the Rift is slightly better but in my opinion there so close it was not the deciding factor in my destitution.

    The Rift and the Vive cost the same when you add the extra cost of the Touch controlers, and the Rift will cost 80$ more then the Vive if you get a third camera which is required for 360 tracking.

    As I am sure you know the Omni supports keyboard and controller emulation in addition to an API to directly support the Omni. The teleportation BS is not unique to Vive games. Many games on both the Vive and the Rift do this to get around sim-sickness. The problem comes when the Dev's decide they know best and take away more traditions movement inputs that it becomes a problem. I am fine with teleportation being the default, but taking away the other options is not cool.

    I don't wear glasses so I cant comment on that.

    i would consider them both a good choice to be honest. However the tracking the Vive uses tipped the scale just enough. I also really like the Openness of the Valves OpenVR/SteamVR
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    *shrug* With the modding community you can own a Vive and play rift games and vice versa so the only real difference seems to be how comfortable it is to the user. I own a Vive and had trouble with it at first but I chalk that up to the fact there wasn't a manual or I didn't read it or whatever. It feels comfortable to me but at the same time Ive only tried a Rift once at a convention so I can't give you the indepth review for it like those above.

    I think the main difference is that the Rift doesn't seem to push room scale as hard as the Vive. Oh and if you are interested in MSI's wearable VR computer as a wireless VR solution regardless of what the guy says in this video its not going to work/make the Rift wireless as the Rift tracking cameras must be plugged into the the pc on your back.

  • Hm... Vive it is then. Thank you everyone.
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    @LunarFantom - it's a good choice. You really need a boom to keep the cable above your head, and you'll want to pass the cable back through the lower strap so it's not tugging the Vive off your head. Regarding content, there is not a lot - but thanks to the modding community what's there is very good, and growing. I played Doom 3 BFG edition with the Omni; it's decoupled thanks to the use of one controller for player heading, and the walking and running speeds are independently adjustable, so I was able to fine-tune them until they felt really natural on the Omni.
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    I'll toss my $.02 even though you've probably already made a purchase for future viewers of this thread.

    I'd definitely go with Vive if you have to wear glasses in the unit. I couldn't get my glasses to fit in the Rift. However, if you can afford to spend about $100 or so, you can get custom inserts which opens up the possibility of using the Rift.

    I would argue that the Rift's games library is a little bit more restrictive just because of compatibility issues through SteamVR. I am not talking about roomscale compatibility here! Two games that I own on Steam immediately crash when I attempt to play them on my Rift (thankfully they're not titles I care for). I've never tried playing Oculus content with the Vive, so I can't comment on that.

    Just fyi, I prefer the Rift because of comfort and the touch controller optimized experiences although setup is much more restrictive,costly, and a pita.
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