Didn't receive my refund

Order #8717
I still didn't received any refund or contact from paypal, after received the refund activity mail I replyed to omni at the first time.
At 2016/12/17 1:22, the omni told me my refund has been sent, but it take days to show up, so I wait.
At 2017/1/3 1:56 I still didn't receive any refund so I contacted omni and they replyed they will contact with me soon. THEN NO CONTACT AT ALL.
At 2017/1/12 21:19 I asked omni again, they told me my paypal has some problem to receive money, if I can't fixed my paypal they could choose send through bank, SO I gave them my personal information.
I just wondering why it is so difficult to just get my own money back.
I used to like your product and introduced to almost every friend and now I am just looks stupid to everyone.


  • cjt790cjt790 Posts: 2
    I just received an reply after sent TWO mails, they said they will transfer through bank in a week, so I will post latest information next week.
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