Dealing with multiple configurations with the Rift??


So I soon see myself with a Rift dilemma.
I have the Omni and I have a simulator chair and I am working on clearing a 5x7 space to do room-scale.

Now the issue is that switching between these modes of operation are a hassle. Is configuration like the safety zone set on a per-user basis in Windows?
If so, then I could just have three different user accounts in Windows and log into whichever one I am wanting to use.

Anyone know?
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  • seems almost like it would be easier to have the 5x7 space set up so that the Omni and Simulator chair can be slid into and out of that space as needed. From what I recall, Vive has the same problem though. Seems like there should be SOME file that stores the info on your roomscale setup. You might want to try making a copy of your Oculus installation folders, then change your roomscale settings, then start moving files from the old copy you made back over the original until the room scale is set back in order to trace that file down. Once you figure out which file handles your room scale profile, then you just make copies of each different setup then copy them into the main oculus folder as needed.
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    i assume safety zone is the same as chaperone? Look on forums for a mod, theres a mood called 'Advanced Settings' for the Vive that lets you create multiple chaperone profiles.
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