Problems with my Paypal-Payback and no response from support ...


since i havent gotten an answer from support at all (i wrote per mail first time on 8.01.2017 - tried 2 more times since than - no answer at all :disappointed: ) im trying this way instead.

Cause im from europe you wont send the omni to me - its ok.
You guys tried to send my money back per PayPal - i accepted your payback of course.
But since the 15.12.2016 the payment is under "open" at paypal - meaning i havent gotten my money back until now...
Its okay if it is taking some time, but now its over one month and i would at least like to have a "short answer" whats the problem with the payment.
PayPal told me to contact you guys directly - which i was trying since early januar 2017 (see above) ...

Picture of my problem:

I deleted the transaction number cause i dunno can / might happen when i make it public.
"Offen" is german and means open. :smile:

You can contact me here or per mail: - there i´ll send you the transaction number of course!

Sorry for my bad english ;)



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