Right now there's no support for TechnoLust. While the game supports simultaneous gamepad + Touch input, it uses a fairly non-standard control scheme: the LEFT stick controls forward/backward movement and the right stick controls turn (which is unnecessary in the Omni). Since the Omni Connect software doesn't support remapping inputs AT ALL, there is no way to translate Omni input into the game since Omni, by default, emulates the right stick only, not the left stick.

It may be possible to use XPadder to fix this, but I don't yet have a copy of that (since the XPadder dev doesn't have any kind of actual ecommerce system).


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    So I bought XPadder, and that's a dead-end. It doesn't look like XPadder supports mapping one controller to another, so I can't map the Omni's default "right stick" emulation to the XBox gamepad's left stick. XPadder also doesn't pick up the Touch controllers, so even if it did support mapping one controller to another, it wouldn't work either. *sigh*
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    The program I've seen for gamepad controls was something like 360ce.(There were different versions, but the program was originally to allow you to use steering wheel inputs for driving in GTA without losing the ability to control normal movement with the gamepad. With the Omni, it's not about mapping keys to a gamepad, it's about combining 2 different gamepad inputs together, so this is the program that would be addressing the problem you're having, not xpadder. I believe within that program (or whatever equivalent) you can map different axis of each joystick to a single joystick if you want.
    You'd have to talk to @SutekiB for more info on this. He had a description for setting up the program for use with Skyrim, but I was never able to get the program to recognize inputs properly when I got to the game itself.
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    Thanks, I'll check that out. I also ran across "World of Joysticks" which has similar functionality. Ideally, this is stuff that should be built into Connect, tbh... but I'll give x360ce and WoJ a try and report back.
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    Hi Veraxus, here's a guide we made last year regarding how to use x360ce with the Omni: A Composite Controller With X360ce.pdf?dl=0
    Here's an more general game guide: To Play Legacy Games With The Omni.pdf?dl=0
    These guides are slightly outdated - we haven't updated them in a while, but perhaps you may find them helpful.
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    Thanks for that. So I got the gist...

    1. Download x360ce from
    2. Copy the x360ce exe to the game directory.
    3. Turn on your XBox controller and Omni
    4. Start Omni Connect & set to Gamepad mode
    5. Launch x360ce and...
    6. Let x360ce download profiles for each controller from the internet automatically
    7. Ignore any "Misconfigured device" errors that x360ce throws
    8. Auto-detect both Controller 1 & Controller 2 (XBox & Omni, respectively)
    9. Under "Options" check "Enable Combining"
    10. Under each controller tab, select "Advanced" tab and check "Combine this controller" and set "Combine Into" to "One"
    11. Save
    12. Launch the game.

    That should be straightforward. We're using x360ce to combine both controllers so that the game sees them as just an XBox controller... which is important since Omni emulates a generic gamepad (not supported by pretty much any VR game) instead of an XBox gamepad, specifically. This is why I've been having problems with gamepad mode... the games only want to see it as specifically XBox gamepad #1.

    So the problem I'm having right now is that as soon as I tell Controller 2 (the Omni virtual gamepad) to Combine into One, the Omni stops tracking forward movement. It will still track strafing and reverse movement, but forward movement is either ignored or tracked as reverse movement. This odd behavior is reported both in x360ce and Oculus Connect and I have to do a full system reboot to get it to work correctly again. It's really weird.
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    Well, now rebooting isn't fixing the problem. Unless I put the Omni in "Forward Only" mode, it refuses to detect forward movement. I've spent all day fighting with configurations and have yet to actually play anything whatsoever with it. :-/
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    I had to uninstall the Virtuix drivers and Omni Connect to get it working again.

    Ok, so I've successfully configured controller combining in x360ce, and it is reporting the Omni input as thumbstick input... but when I launch the game, the gamepad works while the Omni does not. Am I missing something?
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    It's working! Sort of.

    In addition to the previous steps you must do the following in x360ce...

    1. Under the Game Settings tab, select the Technolust executable.
    2. Check the box next to COM (Hook Mask: 00000002).
    3. Under XInput Files select ALL the 64-bit check boxes (XInput Files: 00004F00)

    Now, when you launch the game, the Omni will act as your XBox controllers left thumbstick... which is how I think we all assumed the Omni would function right out of the box.

    But there is a catch, in this case...

    Technolust seems to dynamically disable the XBox controller if the Touch controllers are being actively tracked (i.e. if they're moving around). So if you want to move via the Omni, you have to set the Touch controllers down somewhere stationary or hide them from the sensors (e.g. under your arms)... you can't just keep the Touch controllers in your hand and go jogging, as natural as that seems.

    Other than that, it works really well. But this is just another example of why Omni Connect needs to be able to directly emulate a Touch controllers input as well.
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    Hi Veraxus, thank you for this excellent feedback! We will look into the Touch / Vive controller emulation. It's a matter of resource constraints for us: we unfortunately have a small team and can't focus on all requirements all at once. Thanks again for taking the time to work through these cumbersome kinks.
    Best regards,
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