Radioactive (not supported at time of post)

Game comes out March 24th and I'm REALLY hoping Virtuix has already messaged them about adding support since there name has been dropped a few times already :smile:

Multiplayer, Open World, Zombie Survival. You have to scavange for supplies and fight the hordes and (possibly other players) Think of it as a much more fun and interactive DayZ or H1Z1. They have full locomotion support already including trackpad and arm motion running. We need this in our Life Virtuix please reach out... :P

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    You bet, thanks DanteM!
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    admin said:

    You bet, thanks DanteM!

    This is another one that would be a lot of fun on the Omni btw. It's like a Call of Duty / Counter Strike. You definitely wouldn't reach max potential being you can't crouch or prone well on the Omni but with the ability to play against Bots and other players in this type of game it would still be a lot of fun!

    Pavlov VR
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