Pavlov VR -- It's Counter Strike in VR!

Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
I've been waiting for a game like this for so long. Onward was fun, but there's too much downtime and not enough action; this is in your face, fast-respawn, twitchy gameplay. It has only 1 map and three modes, but it's so much fun! Please try to add official Omni support with the dev.


  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    edited March 2017
    Oh man it's a lot of fun! Love this game!
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    Me too! I'll admit: I'm addicted. So, so, so immersive! I Feel like a complete badass!
  • MarkVMarkV Posts: 81
    Are you using the Omni with it ?
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    MarkV said:

    Are you using the Omni with it ?

    I'm not as I got it to bind with the vive controllers but it's not super smooth yet and They don't support the SDK, most dev's don't in fact. Many of them refuse to implement the SDK just based on the principal that it is the responsibility of the peripheral creator to ensure compatibility not the game dev's. If the virtuix programmers tweak the software to work like Thrustmasters TARGET software which binds controllers together to emulate the functions then we would see a huge leap in compatibility however that won't happen for some time more than likely. We have seen A LOT of push back from Virtuix not wanting to do that even though it would increase the games we can use it with by 70%+ a lot of games support the touch pad locomotion which isn't too hard to emulate if you bind the controller and Omni as one controller, then tweak the walk motion to act as forward back left and right touchs on the touchpad. ^.^

    I've been working on Mod's that make it supported directly for games like Skyrim, and Fallout and such but since most VR games don't use the workshop I'm limited on what I can do as a consumer sadly. Once I get these working more smoothly I plan to release a few mods that are basically pre-configured compatibility mods that would save dev's the time from implementing it. It's pretty easy to do depending on what Engine the game is using. Unreal being the easiest but still needs some work to make it function right. Once I have things working smoothly I'll be sure to share them ^.^ .... or maybe just sell my binding software MWAHAHAH jk haha
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