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So I'm curious about the precision of the foot position, because there are times where I feel like if I move my feet just a little bit, that I end up moving in game a disproportional amount, and it's noticeable enough to induce my DIMS. Are your feet tracked as well as the controllers, and if not, could the Omni drivers be adapted to track Vive Trackers mounted to the Omni shoes?


  • I'm not helping here: As far as I know, the foot pods only have a single imu in them. Be sure you updated the firmware on the pods and the omni.
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    Which game are you playing? If you are using keyboard emulation on a game it will tend to be a little jumpy. You can adjust the sensitivity in the Omni ap, but it is the nature of not having native support. If you still experience this in TraVR Training Ops, I would definitely play with sensitivity settings, as I found the native games to be pretty accurate in that regard.
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    The tracking sensitivity setting has no effect on 'native' games that use the Omni's SDK - it only affects keyboard mode and Bluetooth mode. We appreciate your feedback regarding the movement speed @SeanBlader - we're sorry to hear you're finding it a bit too high. If we have any updates related to tracking we'll be sure to announce it here on the forum.
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    We are asking for stats on how exact the positional tracking is.
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    Which game are you playing?

    Only game I've gotten working with the Omni is Travr Training Ops.

    And thank you @pittsburghjoe there wasn't really an answer to the original question. Basically it doesn't seem like the game is using my foot position to place the feet of the in game character, which there's no reason why it isn't.
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    Hi guys, the Pods use IMUs, which do not track position, only rotation. This is why HMDs augment their IMU tracking with another method, such as inside-out or outside-in optical tracking.
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