Rift VS Vive.....again.

travis1409travis1409 Posts: 118
Now that mine is on the way and I still have yet to purchase either, I wanted to bring this back into the discussion. The HTC and Virtuix have been collaborating so it would seem that, going forward, the Vive is the best one to buy but on the other hand there are emulators out there that can make the Rift think it's a Vive. The Rift is now 200 dollars cheaper as well, since I'm on a budget that seems like the most appealing option. The Vive seems to be more friendly towards devs and modders alike while the Rift seems to be more user friendly. Anyone care to weigh in?


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,045
    You should choose the Vive. I haven't tried emulators, but I wouldn't take a chance on that. Content needs to support both the Omni and a headset, and content that supports the Omni more often supports the Vive than the Rift.
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    I owned the oculus dev kits and a cv1 on release day. The cv1 died the day I got Omni so I went out and bought a Vive... as an avid user of both purchase the Vive. The oculus is better in every way except tracking, but it is so much better you will forget everything else. Besides Omni natively supports Vive so you will have no compatibility issues.
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  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 118
    I was worried about the tracking issue as well. I love the Rift controllers though. Like Wombat said, the rift beats the vive in everything but tracking is so crucial for immersion that it's a really big deal.
  • gleamingsandsgleamingsands Posts: 280
    I'm still a big Rift fan, but only through my experience having been more than bearable thus far and not having tried the alternative. I'd give the Vive a try, but it's as simple as this: The Vive is more expensive.

    I've still yet to encounter a single experience I couldn't use with the Oculus.
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 118
    @gleamingsands Have you tried any legacy games for the rift?
  • gleamingsandsgleamingsands Posts: 280
    It's awful. Just awful. @travis1409 It made me sick immediately because I accidentally moved the y axis
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 118
    Ouch. Maybe I SHOULD get the vive then because legacy games are one of the main reasons I wanted the omni in the first place.
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 118
    I picked up the Vive today but I bought it at the Microsoft store so I can return it in 30 days if I decide I want the rift more.
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