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  • RABIDRABID Posts: 171
    this looks awesome
  • XainXain Posts: 122
    You had me at "Co-op Multiplayer VR Experience"
    **** take my money, this is all I've ever wanted, seriously. A VR Gauntlet type game.
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 130
    Has anyone with the Omni bought this yet?
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    edited May 1
    I reached out to the Dev's in email and on their forums to see about helping them test and getting Omni support up and running. There are a few VR games that work with the Omni already that don't have a "test omni" so they have been forced to use current Omni owners to test updates which makes it hard sometimes to get the support working right. I haven't tested this one yet but hoping the dev's will reply soon so I can help them test it and get it working if they are interested in setting up support. ^.^
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 130
    @DanteM my Omni is scheduled for delivery tomorrow so keep me in the loop.
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    Dev's aren't interested in the Omni at all.

    "We're grateful for the helping hand, but this is not something we'll be focusing on at the present time. If the demand rises, then yes. If not, ask us closer to full release."
  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    @DanteM This dev has not yet been informed about how he can monetize his game in our commercial channel. Most devs are very interested in working with us. We have many more games on the way to be announced in due time.
    Does anyone have contact info for Vanishing Realms?
  • XainXain Posts: 122
    @Admin At first I scoffed, and then turned to google for your answer... google has failed me. I swear he has no public contact information and his 'website' has nothing either.. The only alternative I see is posting on the forums and waiting for a response.
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    edited May 4
    admin said:

    Does anyone have contact info for Vanishing Realms?

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/indimolabs add them and message them on steam that's how I get a hold of most of the dev's is through steam. Make a thread in the discussion section for their game + friend request it works almost everytime. Vanishing Realms hasn't really ever interested me so I never tried to contact them myself yet.
    admin said:

    @DanteM This dev has not yet been informed about how he can monetize his game in our commercial channel. Most devs are very interested in working with us. We have many more games on the way to be announced in due time.

    Hope that changes their mind cause this game would be sick with Omni support... I'm not convinced it'll help though some of the dev's seem to dislike the contract one in particular was very unhappy about it haha.

    Been trying to convince dev's to implement support so that we have more than 3 games with support haha. I think the only real dev with current support is VRZ Torment so far but I could be wrong, been outta the loop for a few weeks due to surgery. It's exciting that Arizona Sunshine is getting it soon too WOO!!! but they haven't implemented it just yet sadly, but in the works :smiley: .
  • RABIDRABID Posts: 171
    @sutekiB @DanteM @Xain @travis1409 @admin

    Delevoper: this is not something we'll be focusing on at the present time. If the demand rises, then yes. If not, ask us closer to full release.
    Me: omni would be awesome! +1 to the rising demand
    Developer: Noted. Anyone else? :D
  • XainXain Posts: 122
    Maybe Virtuix could send out an email highlighting Karnage and telling their users to post there. Either way seems the tally is up to 5
  • RABIDRABID Posts: 171
    From the forum:
    Thanks to your diligence both on the Karnage and the Omni forums we are now in talks with Virtuix regarding integration of their SDK. At this point we cannot provide any timeline, and are likely to start off with unofficial support only in order to gather feedback from you Omni pros, before moving into a more official support role. Happy? We are thrilled about it ourselves and will keep you updated on the progress! :D
  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    Please continue to send us names of other games for which you think the Omni would be a great fit!
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    Awesome support on that thread @RABID , @Xain , and @sutekiB ^.^ not sure who L3ThAlSh0T is but woot to them as well.
  • RABIDRABID Posts: 171
    [developer] 8 hours ago
    Today's patch introduce very unofficial support for Omni. We don't have an Omni ourselves yet but we have integrated the SDK. If anyone would like to give it a try and give us feedback on how/whether it works or not it would be greatly appreciated
    The "Align Omni" function has been added to Controller Options (find it through opening the Journal).
    The Trolls
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 130
    Oh man, I can't wait to get home and try it. Has anyone had a chance to try it yet?
  • RABIDRABID Posts: 171
    tried it, doesnt seem to be working or im doing something wrong
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 130
    Yeah, same here. I tried it and I couldn't even get the normal walking to work.
  • RABIDRABID Posts: 171
    i let the devs know they are walking on it.
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    edited August 24
    I've been doing testing with them and working directly with the company they have it almost fully working. I have some videos of it working really well. They also got their Omni 2 weeks ago so they should have support fully working soon.

    Video of the most recent test session.
  • escknxescknx Posts: 9
    For some reason it works fine w Omni till I do some teleports. Then it messes w directions. When I run Omni fwd it moves me to the right. And this effect worsens with every teleport. Menu option to Align Omni does not change anything. :(

    Anyone else has same problem?
  • Hi guys!

    We'll be making an announcement later today! Keep your eyes peeled

  • Hello to all.

    First of all, thank you to the community for your patience and help with Karnage Chronicles on the Virtuix Omni!

    We have just released our new content update, which adds extensive content to Karnage, and today we released a patch so the Omni users can enjoy it!

    We are still in early access, so please be sure to let us know if there are any issues. Right now you may come across a few objects on the floor (coins and gems, nothing game breaking) that may be a little hard to reach. We are working on a solution for this, but as a small indie developer it may take time!

    We're really looking forward to your feedback, and we hope you enjoy Karnage Chronicles in full locomotion with the Virtuix Omni!

    Thank you!


  • MarkVMarkV Posts: 46
    edited November 3
    Purchased! Not only supporting the Omni, but also read some good things about it on the VR reddits. Thanks for supporting the Omni!
  • Thank you for your support @MarkV
    Please let us know if you encounter any issues!
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 123
    Awesome.. Purchased thanks!
  • sparentsparent Posts: 2
    This IS great news!! Thank you for believing like I do.
  • @escknx let us know if this patch fixes everything, and update to the latest firmware!
  • Updated trailer for you guys!

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