May 2017 Update Discussion Thread

JoeJoe Posts: 192
Just saw it's to the announcement:

Fulfilment of Omni units in the U.S. continues at a steady pace. We are pleased to report that we have now reached Kickstarter backer number 2,630 on our order fulfilment list to start the Omni shipping process. Fulfilment of pre-order units will start immediately after the Kickstarter units have been delivered.

- Omni Arena was updated with a new gameplay mode and grenades. Also a local leaderboard
- Omni Connect was updated with automatic update features, and better an LED indicator for troubleshooting the tracking pods
- Mention of 4 VR arcades that have 2 omnis each


  • FlashFlash Posts: 3
    I really wish we could get what number they are on and more frequent updates.
  • gleamingsandsgleamingsands Posts: 304
    @sutekiB Please gibs Omni
  • PhanlixPhanlix Posts: 7
    How many total kickstarter backers are there before you get to the pre-orders? Just curious.
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