Whats the highest kickstarter backer number on the forums?

I am curious what the higest number is, to try and get a feel for how close they are to completing the kickstarter fufillments. Anyone know?


  • youshedoyoushedo Posts: 1
    i am 1502 and they have not even shipped me mine yet but at the time time some of the 2000s people are getting theres.
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 118
    Mine was 1690 I think and I have had mine for nearly a month.
  • mr_kevinakimr_kevinaki Posts: 6
    I'm 2,044 and received mine a few weeks ago and FINALLY was able to use it last night.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 68
    Mugen was 2679 and had a scheduled delivery date of 5/22. Since Virtuix is on't give us any solid numbers or even ideas of them, I'm trying to reverse engineer how many shipments are left before pre orders (and the last of the consumer sales)
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