Is there a way to calibrate input?

Got everything set up last night, but had issues with tracking in TRAVR, charged everything up and gave it another go this morning, Omni is only reading input as backwards.
Setting it to gamepad and checking the input tracking, any movement, walking forwards, or backing up reads the same, backing up.
Changing to keyboard emulation all movement reads as S, can never get it to toggle W.

Any way to calibrate, or adjust the sensors?
Tried restarting, reinstalling, and swapping the tracking pods between shoes.
Tried turning around to face the other direction, I even tried just moving the shoes all over the base in a random pattern, everything just reads backwards, never any forward movement.

Right now the only way I've found to use it is to toggle the "Forward Only" option, but tracking is very inaccurate, have to sprint to get any movement.

Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Though due to my work schedule I'm not in a particular rush.

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  • This is going to sound dumb ..but make sure you don't have an xbox controller laying on the ground with the directional thumbpad aimed down.
  • CoraskantCoraskant Posts: 2
    The harness was the issue, due to my size I had not been securing it tight enough to move forward and backward, only rotational.
    Thank you.
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