Link to Oculus versions of Travr?

Hey, does anybody have the link to the Oculus version of the Travr games? I saw it mentioned in another post but messages to those members have gone unanswered.


  • samisami Posts: 65
    they are not supported. buy an HTC vive , just like I did.

    they might be supported , then the touch controllers wont be supported , so your stuck walking not shooting anything.
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  • VeraxusVeraxus Posts: 39
    There isn't one. Even though Oculus was literally the only headset on the horizon when Virtuix ran their Kickstarter, they've pretty much given the shaft to Oculus owners since.

    That said, the games sort-of work on Oculus anyway... they're just really rough because Virtuix clearly didn't spend so much as a single developer-hour optimizing for Rift or Touch.
  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    All good comments, and yet the Oculus is going to supersede the HTC Vive given the amazing sale this summer. I really think that virtuix needs to reconsider their decision to support the Oculus. HTC has recently lowered their price as well, but it is a well-known fact that the company is not doing well financially and I wonder will they will be in two to three years.
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