Do the guns in Travr Training Ops fire continously?

Every time I run the game, the guns start firing continuously.

Pressing the trigger buttons doesn't help - they just fire like they are on auto. It's quite irritating.

All other VR games work fine - triggers work like normal.

I thought maybe it's me :smile: but maybe the game is designed to do that? If not, then for some reason my rig seems to have a bug.

Is there a way to make them stop firing so they fire when I pull the trigger?

== John ==


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    Rats, meant to make this a question.
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    Are you using Rift and Touch? Their games don't work for them yet/if ever. I think the reasoning was that the Rift waited... what like 6 months after their hmd was released to launch their controllers? So Virtuix never got around to updating their games to support it after it released.
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    Hi John, I'll have our team look into this right away.
  • @jgwinner This is definitely not the intended functionality. We will try to figure out why you are experiencing this.

    What version of the game are you playing?
    Do you have any additional controllers plugged in? (Xbox Controller or something else)
    Also, how quickly are the guns firing?
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    The guns fire as fast as they can.

    The version was literally downloaded and installed. I'll check.

    The .exe is 1/7/2017, 9:50am. File version is (I'm assuming your build/release procedure increments the version resource).
    Product version is

    No XBox, I do have a Nostromo "Dual analog gamepad" but never use it (and it doesn't seem to be recognized in Shadow Warrior 2 anyway). I'll try unplugging it.

    == John ==
  • Ok, thanks for the extra details. We will try to replicate the issue on our end and let you know if we find a fix.
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