Doom VFR ?

bethesda just announced two VR games , doom had teleportation system , while fallout4 has locomotion.

Would be great if virtuix communicates with bethesda so we can get the Omni support on lunch ! not years later ! but on lunch !

omni was announced in 2013 , we are mid 2017 and yet we dont have a single AAA game to play this hardware with.

my guts tells me that these two games will never have omni support.. virtuix are only focusing on sales sales sales ( yea yea , we have a couple of indie games and demos supported but who cares) and Bethesda has this ego that they are above every body else. plus bethesda cares ALOT about money , so , I dont see them dedicating a team to support the omni because its a super tiny market that will not generate any money. not sure if it will cover the costs of impliminting it.
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  • Fan47Fan47 Posts: 25
    Opening up the API (beyond the Unreal and Unity plugins) so people could attempt OpenVR support with the Omni as a controller would help us come up with our own solutions. I'm willing to spend some time on this if the appropriate documentation would be released.
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