Leg Length Discrepancy and the Omni - HELP

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One of my legs is longer than the other due to a accident I was in many years ago. I guess I never thought about how that would affect my use of the Omni until I got it and felt very awkward using it the first time. I thought it was because of my lack of reading the instructions or looking at the instructional videos and jumping right into it due to the excitement of waiting so long. I tried it again after reading the manual and looking at the online videos and became a bit frustrated and that's when it hit me. My right leg is significantly longer than the left. I'm 6'0 on my right leg and probably around 5'10 1/2 if not shorter on the left.

I adjusted the ring height to each leg. The height of 8 felt most comfortable on the right. The height of 7 felt most comfortable on the left. I wish I could place it somewhere in between because that might actually work.

What I'm looking for is a solution if anyone is dealing with similar issues or someone from Virtuix or the community that can suggest ideas. I tried a shoe insert of half an inch and it worked pretty well to support what I've been saying about my issue. The problem is that it's only half an inch and my heel is coming out of the back. My other solution would be to take it to a specialist and increase the height from the sole of the shoe instead of the inside. I have yet to find anyone close to me that can do this but I'm sure it's possible. I should be doing this anyway with all my other shoes.

I just wanted to put this out there just in case anyone else is going through something similar. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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