Echo Arena

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So when I first started playing the game, I loved it, but I kept losing my balance and sense of direction and kept inadvertently punching walls.
I thought to myself: You know what, let's pull out the Omni and try that... and you know what, it's amazing. While the Omni doesn't contribute to the hand-based locomotion in the game, it does help keep in you upright and in place, and I found myself leaning and stretching very aggressively, a lot moreso than would be possible without the safety of the harness. I played this with bare feet for better grip since I didn't need the footpods or shoes for tracking.

If you have an Omni & Rift, I highly recommend giving Echo Arena a try with your Omni (barefooted, mind you); it dramatically improves the experience.


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    @Veraxus , great to hear, thank you for the tip!
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    Works great in the single player as well.
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    Been my observations as well. Room scale is great for escape the room, and slow puzzle based situations, but is completely unpractical in any fast paced FPS scenario. Even thought the Omni is not exactly like running, it is loads of fun to safely go balls out, sprint, change direction, and lose control....again....safely. The support and security it gives allows me to have a blast and get a work out and never worry about putting a hole in the wall, or stepping on the cat
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