Leaning Over In the Omni

Does anyone else have an issue with touching the ground in VR on the Omni. Anytime I drop something in the game I am screwed. Do I have the Omni too hi up on my body or is there something on the Vive that needs adjusting? I thought about recalibrating the Vive to adjust where the floor is but I can't lean down that far so the floor would be at about my knee. Anyone figure out a solution to this issue?


  • My advice would be to use the wrist guards attached to your vr-setup. and place a table conveniently close to your vr setup.
  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 131
    And how would that help if I drop something in the game or just have to lean over to grab something? Are you suggesting that I set the Vive to think the table is the floor or what?
  • WombatcaveWombatcave Posts: 40
    I have also encountered this issue in some games. I think the best solution is for developers to offer a system similar to Robo Recal where you can grab items from a few feet away. At first seems a little immersion breaking, but the practicality given current VR limitations makes up for it in smoother game play. I do try to keep the Omni ring at a lowest practical height to increase movement, but there is still no way to get anywhere near the floor with a motion controller.
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  • travis1409travis1409 Posts: 131
    @Wombatcave where are you keeping the Omni in relation to your body. I have the harness at my stomach, should it be lower?
  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    From the videos I watch it seems everyone "leans" forward in the Omni. :p
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