Pre order notification thread

JoeJoe Posts: 77
Now that kickstarters are all fufilled, I think we should track the pre orders as much as possible so we can get an idea of when ours are coming in. My order number is over 1000 so I'm not expecting mine till next year, but would be nice to get a better idea


  • DragonflyDragonfly Posts: 4
    I just received notification and my order is ready to ship but I am bummed and don't know what to do. They no longer support the Rift which is what I have and they no longer support consumers only commercial.
    I am so crossed I'm just going to sit and think about it unless someone has any hopeful information about any kind of support either Rift or just ANY support if I receive it. It sucks I waited 3-1/2 years and come to find out they made these major changes.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 77
    I'm in tha exact same boat...the product I purchased and that they advertised is not what they're delivering. I'm hoping to make some cash by doing software development for it, but may just decide its not worth it and sell it off. I've heard vorpx does get it working with fps games, and that may be worth keeping it if that's true.
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