About the Viruix Omni...

I only started to research treadmills for the VR only recently as i noticed when i got my HTC vive a year ago, that i can't really play good fast pace games. Id love to have this and play games like Hardpoint and have loads of fun! But i live in the UK plus i wasn't a backer. Is there any way i could get the Viruix Omni? I would do anything to know if i could get one sooner than later on...
I'd love to have my family to have twice as much fun with the HTC VIve, while getting fitter as well. I'm bored with just sitting and playing, or standing and playing. I want to run around and be quick in a different world and have a lot of fun.

I hope to god that i can get this here in the UK for a good price.


  • JoeJoe Posts: 192
    They do not ship overseas, and they no longer offer consumer. Your only hope is to find a backer willing to sell and ship overseas (looking at probably 2 grand when all is said and done) or buying one from the Chinese resellers on alibaba (6 grand or so).

    Either way, you'll likely not be able to use the warranty, and they've already stated that wear and tear on these may result to failures as early as the first year of use
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