OpenVR OMNI Overlay

SkaarahSkaarah Posts: 3
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Hey guys. I am working on an OpenVR overlay to hopefully set some custom drivers and overrides to make more VR games compatible with the OMNI. My first goal is to use the OMNI to offset the standing position in the playspace. So far I have gotten it to change the position but the function I used doesn't seem to like updating as frequently as I need it to and causes the the playspace to freak out and bounce all over the place. Ideally I would like to have OMNI SDK access so I can add/modify the input modes (Gamepad/Keyboard). I'll be setting up a GitHub repo sometime this week. If anyone has any suggestions for functions to checkout in the OpenVR API that would be greatly appreciated.


  • Fan47Fan47 Posts: 25
    I have some development experience, I’d be interested in working with you on this once the repo is up.
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