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So, has anyone figured out what the "OmniVerse" announcement means to we the non-commercial ? Will the games included in the OmniVerse all support the Omni if purchased separately ?


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    Who can use Omniverse?

    Omniverse is included with each Omni yet is reserved exclusively for our commercial customers. Non-commercial Omni units will not be compatible with Omniverse. Similarly, once Omniverse has been installed on an Omni, the device will no longer function with any non-Omniverse applications or any games launched outside of the Omniverse platform. With the release of Omniverse, the Omni becomes a complete, self-contained entertainment system with 15+ games to choose from.


    I have a better question: Why was this information emailed to Non-commercial customers as a 'big announcement'.. Was it just to piss them off after they JUST got their OMNI delivered?
  • I have been in Houston, TX. With The National Guard until just a few days ago and haven't had a chance to get on the Omni, just checked my email and I see this Omniverse thing. Has anyone gotten any clarification about this from the company yet? I don't want to download it if I can only get these 15 games afterwards because I would like to get Skyrim working with the Omni. I would also like to know if I can play those 15 games without Omniverse. Omniverse sounded awesome until I got to the part about it not being made for Non-commercial users. Has Virtuix just completely abandoned us?
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    I have spoken to almost all the developers for the games listed on the Omniverse and I keep hearing the same thing.. The latest SDK only works in the Omniverse... This is a huge disappointment and is the problem I see with a separate commercial application. I hope us consumers get updates quicker in the future or at all.

    It would be nice if we could get a response and possibly a time frame when we as consumers will get an update to support the new SDK only currently supported through the Omniverse commercial app.
  • @sutekiB Would be the best person to answer that. Right now though, it seems like we're getting screwed.
  • I too was alarmed by Virtuix' decision to make the Omniverse exclusive to commercial owners, make it a permanent installation which makes it impossible to use the Omni outside of that app for the commercial users. I'm not just a little concerned with this whole operation. What makes them so sure it's going to be a good long term plan to act like this? @admin Are you sure you know what you're doing here? Restrictive business practices don't tend to pay off.
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    EVOL said:

    The latest SDK only works in the Omniverse...

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    I think devs will always need an SDK..small game studios and indies won't have budget (or incentive till more Omni's are out there) to subscribe to something like Omniverse. So I guess the question is...if the new SDK is omniverse only, will the 1.4 SDK be updated if broken by Unity updates to ensure that smaller game devs and individuals can still use it?
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    still no official response.... did they forget our funding got this all started, or just not care?
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    Hi Joe, we will continue to maintain and publish a non-Omniverse SDK.
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    Thankyou!!!!!!!! That's huge for us!
  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    No problem! We plan to publicly release the latest firmware and non-Omniverse SDK in October.
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    That is great news, thanks for the update.
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    I had planned to purchase several OMNIs for commercial use and I tried the 15 games at an arcade where they have Omniverse running. I like the features of Omniverse but the content is far too limited. The 15 game limitation is not really viable for repeat customers who I want coming back to my establishment several times per week. I'm going to need access to more and longer games to keep customers coming back for more. Is it possible to be a commercial customer and NOT use Omniverse? I am flummoxed that such a feature update would exclude so many working titles without a way to break out of it.
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    @admin What happened with the planned support for games on non commercial setups. What has Virtuix accomplished in lobbying for Omni SDK support on retail games. Arizona Sunshine and Xing were among the mentioned games. Do you expect your backers and non commercial customers to just emulate WASD and the joystick on our favorite experiences? Throw us a bone here, please
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