ONMI SDK is disable once we try to use it with Unreal

We downloaded the OMNI SDK and it was recognized by Unreal, but at the moment we are going to check "enable", it starts with problems. Unreal ask to restart, and then says that it´s not compatible. After that, we can´t continue working on that project cause the SDK is disable.
We are working with Unreal 4.16.
Can you help me?



  • Hi @kamellov,

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the SDK. Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • The last one. They sent me the SDK this week.
  • Try deleting the intermediate folder and everything in the Binaries folder (except for the hidapi.dll) for the project and all of your plugins. Then, right-click the .uproject file, and select "Generate visual studio project files". Then, try to launch the .uproject file. It should ask you to rebuild the plugins, so hit yes to that and let it rebuild.
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