Alice VR setup for Omni and mini review

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I want to log my experiences for I set them up, how they felt on the Omni, etc. Mods..let me know if this is the right place, and if this is ok. I found it tough to find out how to start on the Omni (till I found the quickstart page!) but I'm still finding a dearth of info for those of us that have it as a consumer device.

Ok, so...Alice VR...( (
VR Support: Occulus (headset only!), Vive, OSVR
Control support: Keyboard
Price when tested: $9.99 (USD)

Test Setup: Ryzen i5 system with 980ti, Occulus
Software Setup: Launched through Steam, in Occulus VR mode.
Omni / control setup: Keyboard mode with Xpaddder backup. I used an xbox 360 controller to play

Keys mapped: Shift (Sprint), Mouse buttons (Mapped to X/A)
Game config: Movement speed: Fast, Graphics on High
Video (courtesy of Explore VR/@Suteki..nicely done vid!) -
  • If you try to use the Occulus controllers (at the time of this writing)...the app will immediately crash with a fatal error. This is noted on their forums.
  • When starting, face the 'start game' button and hit a mouse button to start...from there you should be good to go. I found if I started it with the mapped button on my 360 controller, the game would assume joystick mode and I'd be unable to control it.
  • I didn't play it long this is more of a setup guide this time, but I'll update as I play further.
You start out the game as Alice, who has been awoken by 'Heart' on the ship "red queen" (see what they did there?). The game is a puzzler and exploration game. You wake up to a ship that has fires and alarms going on, and are asked to assist in getting things back under control. Thus beings your adventure...
Alice VR looks very nice, though I often felt claustrophobic in the hallways. I didn't play long enough to get into more open areas, but I did get a sense of locomotion using the Omni. I found that if you started the game with an actual right mouse button click, then the mappings using xpadder took. If you're using an HTC Vive, you'll have native motion controller support. I found that walking around with default speeds was a bit slow for me...and a lot of the game was navigating long hallways to activate various buttons to solve riddles, as well as explore.

I highly recommend watching Suteki's video of the gameplay, as it's well done and captures the game. He even included the trailer at the end so you get an idea of some of the other parts of the game when things get going.

If you're looking for an easy to setup game, this one definitely fits the bill. Without the need for fast pace shooting or run and gun, I find that it's a nice fit for the Omni when you're looking to get smoother at the walking motions. I wouldn't call it low stress, as you're on a ship that has all sorts of problems, so I found the constant alarms and blocked passages due to fire to be a bit distressing.

Overall I'd give it, if I had to rate it (10 being the best)
Setup ease: 7- starting with the keyboard, and requiring xpadder is less than ideal. But WASD does at least allow it to happen, and you don't have to map too many buttons. Native VR not requiring Vorpx is nice too!
Omni compatability: 8 - It's just need two buttons or so for activating puzzles. Also Native VR, and Vive controller support is great
Gameplay: TBD - I'm too early in to give it a fair shake, but I did find the beginning puzzle interesting and enjoyable to solve
VR rating: 6 - Native Occulus support would be great, but crashing immediately requiring me to find a forum post gets this score dinged quite a bit. For Vive owners though, you're in great shapes

Ok, that's my first write up..I see a lot of VR games on steam that I haven't heard of yet, that I don't know if they're Omni compatable, so I may take on one of those next. Hope these write-ups are helpful for others. Please leave me feedback and I'll incorporate it into future posts.
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