What is the shipping time on Shoes/Boom/Rack?

MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
Just got done playing Farpoint VR on PSVR on the OMNI using the PSVR AIM controller and just mimicking walking. My friends also tried it, we had a ball! The shoes where either too big or too small for my buddies so I'm going to buy more. Also, the hooks in the ceiling looks like crap, and I want to get the boom. What is the shipping time on these items? Are these only available to commercial vendors?



  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    I ordered a harness on August 29th it shipped on September 19th. So you should expect it to take some time.
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    Items from Virtuix store are available to anyone.
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    I have hooks in the ceiling and retractable keychain reels. However I'm not happy with the performance. Wire gets twisted and kinked easy. I honestly doubt the boom could improve the issue. I currently plan to buy a wireless addon like the TPcast when they become available in the US. However I will no doubt always have atleast a few headsets wired (Oculus, Pimax, PSVR) I may have to buy atleast one boom for my OMNI units. Can someone with the boom comment on the twist/tangle issue? Also possibly post an up close picture of the retractable reel? Thank You!
  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    Yeah right now I'm using plant hang hooks and there is no give at all.
  • If you have a Vive you might honestly want to just consider ordering a TPCast and doing away with the cord entirely.
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    Yeah that is exactly what I've done. Got my Tpcast today and just got it setup. So happy to be rid of that damn tangle...
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    Sad thing is unless I spend a fortune for the business version one of my Omni units has to stay wired.
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    Hopefully but not likely the Oculus version will run on a different channel so I can go wireless on both.
  • NagorakNagorak Posts: 6
    edited November 2017
    Yeah, the TPCast not being able to be configured to run with more than one is kind of a crappy limitation. Hopefully that will be addressed in the future.
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