What the H*** can we actually play with this thing?!

Okay, so I've spent a bit of time with the Omni now, not much, but enough to know a few things:

If you own an Oculus, you're already at a huge disadvantage.

The game software, for no reason I can actually see, is designed to be Vive exclusive, making the Native experiences abosolutely unplayable. There is no crosshair in the Tutorial game, how am I supposed to aim with no crosshair and an Xbox 360 controller?

Minecraft is playable.

Only just. Vivecraft makes Minecraft relatively playable, it doesn't make me sick and generally speaking is alright, but without a gamepad mode, it just doesn't feel right. Lack of pressure sensitivity in keyboard mode limits the immersion considerably.

Do not play Skyrim

If you want a terrible experience, a ridiculous hassle, and a pretty decent waste of energy, try Skyrim with non-native VR inputs like VorpX. The game is just... just impossible to enjoy. Maybe just walking around would be fun, but apart from no-mob Skyrim: The Walking Simulator, it's just not enjoyable, not enough to get me on the Omni everyday.

Thing is, none of these experiences make me want to jump on the Omni. Not the Omni owned development, not Minecraft, and not Skyrim. I'll try Minecraft again, and maybe the Tutorial game, but legacy games? Probably not. The thing is, I understand now why Omni chose to do what they did. That being said:

What the hell can I actually play with this thing?! Give VRZ Torment and the Bellows, as well as the keyboard input games noted here: http://www.virtuix.com/consumer-games-ytlfj5fzy/

Any other suggested games?


  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    Until the updated SDK promised to release this month... Not much without vorpX!
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