Jamie Hyneman's VR shoes

That guy what was on Mythbusters is developing a prototype for a different VR movement product.

Putting treadmills on a shoe is a novel idea - I don't know if it'll ultimately go anywhere, but I respect Hyneman, and he's up-front about the difficulties of what he's trying to do.


  • lipploglipplog Posts: 98
    It’s an interesting concept, but I see two significant flaws.

    1. SMALLER FLAW: Like the Omni, this concept succeeds in simulating the act of running by moving the legs as one would in real life. But also like the Omni, it fails to simulate the sensation of your feet gripping the ground and propelling your body forward. The biggest flaw in the Omni is the sensation of your feet sliding out from under you. And this concept appears to have the same flaw.

    2. BIGGER FLAW: The last thing you want to do while wearing a VR headset is fall down. Room scale solves this by limiting the space where there’s no room to run. The Omni solves this by strapping you into a big support ring. From what I can see, this product doesn’t solve the flaw at all. The potential for injury and lawsuit would probably be too high.
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