What’s the latest orders filled? Ordered 4/15/14.

Obs545Obs545 Posts: 16
Just throwing it out to the community, I know Joe is one of the most recent active posters to receive his so I’m wondering when he ordered or anyone else that may have received their orders already. Initially we were ordering two to demo and see if it would be a reasonable item to buy in 20-40, that was back when the price was around $500 a unit. But now commercially they are something like $4000... which as a small entertainment venue owner I find slightly unreasonable... in one email about 6 months ago they offered me a commercial contract license for a fee, they didn’t say what the fee would be but implied that I would be able to use the omnis I have on order. Kind of wondering if I had agreed to that if I’d have my systems by now. Fast forward to now, any time I email their support to ask about any kind of idea or time frame the answer is basically,

“Thank you for contacting us. While shipments have been going out, our volumes have not been consistent enough for us to predict when pre-order customers will get their Omni’s. We apologize for this and will contact you when your order is ready.

We understand the wait has been very long and we can cancel your order if you prefer. Just let us know and we can process the request.”

I just don’t get why it’s so hard to go oh we have shipped out some pre-orders from 2013 and will be starting 2014 some time in the vague future. Just have some kind of bone to throw us who have been waiting 3 years or more please.
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